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Record TypeMarriage Records
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Maine, Early Marriage Records
Maine State Archives
This collection of Maine marriage records covers 1713-1937. Marriage records before 1892 were not standardized; marriages that occurred in the state may not have been recorded. Information in this collection includes the names of the bride and groom, ages, birthdates, marriage date, place of marriage, place of registration, and parents' names. A digital image of the record is included and may contain more information.
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Marriage Records
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Archives
This collection contains marriage records from various Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregations and range from the mid-19th century through the early 20th century. The information contained in the records varies from congregation to congregation (and sometimes from minister to minister). Information can include the bride and groom's names, date and place of the marriage, parents' names, name and location of the church, the title of the original record book, and a digital image of the record.
Maine Marriage Records
Maine Department of Human Services
1892 to 1996 (except 1967 to 1976)
This collection of Maine marriage records was provided by the Maine Department of Human Services. It contains data from 1892-1996 (except 1967 to 1976). Data from 1967-1976 is not available in electronic form.
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