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Lisa Alzo

How To Research Foreign Records Without Leaving Home

by Lisa Alzo | Sep 20, 2011

For many genealogists making a trip back to the ancestral homeland is an ultimate goal. We envision ourselves strolling... Read More

Andy Likins

Tracing Your Norwegian Roots

by Andy Likins | Sep 6, 2011

With the exception of Ireland, no other European country in the 19th century lost a larger percentage of its population... Read More

Rose Cohen

Israeli Genealogy Research: An Intro To Archives In Israel

by Rose Cohen | Jul 21, 2011

Migration and the Holocaust are two major factors that have shaped and influenced Jewish Genealogical research. Forced migrations result from... Read More

June C. DeLalio

Starting Your Search For Italian Ancestors

by June C. DeLalio | Apr 18, 2011

Does the thought of starting research in a foreign country such as Italy keep you from starting that search? It's... Read More

Lisa Alzo

Getting Started With Slovak Genealogy

by Lisa Alzo | Nov 18, 2010

Got Slovak roots? Then you're in good company. Nearly 620,000 Slovaks immigrated to the United States during the period... Read More

Diane L. Richard

How To Find Immigration Records & Passenger Lists

by Diane L. Richard | Aug 13, 2010

Many of us have an immigrant somewhere in our ancestry, whether a great grandmother who arrived in 1907, along with... Read More

Diane L. Richard

UK Census Records Uncovered

by Diane L. Richard | Dec 3, 2009

Now that in my other article I gushed a bit over Vital Records in the UK, let's shift our attention to the UK Census - another wonderful tool for those researching British ancestry! For over 200 years the UK census has been a vital tool for guiding public policy. Read More

Diane L. Richard

Locate Ancestors With UK Vital Records

by Diane L. Richard | Oct 30, 2009

Are you ready to dive in and research your UK ancestry? You might be more ready than you think and odds are that you will find some of it easier than any research you have already done in US records! As with research on this side of the "pond"... Read More

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