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Jennifer Holik

Locating Italian Records in the United States

by Jennifer Holik | Oct 15, 2013

La Famiglia! The family! In your quest to find your Italian roots, have you exhausted the records in the United States? Read More

Jennifer Holik

Thinking Ethnically: A Different Approach to Your Ancestors

by Jennifer Holik | Sep 19, 2013

By exploring the ethnicities of our ancestors, we may be able to uncover additional record sources and resources we might not have thought about. Read More

Jennifer M. Alford

Unique Records for Jewish Genealogy

by Jennifer M. Alford | Jul 25, 2013

When you begin your research it is important to know about the specific records that are associated with the location,... Read More

Jennifer M. Alford

Major Jewish Record Repositories in the United States

by Jennifer M. Alford | Jun 11, 2013

As you delve deeper in the history of your Jewish ancestors you may find yourself asking about repositories where you... Read More

Lisa Alzo

The Three R's of Researching Roman Catholic Church Records

by Lisa Alzo | May 14, 2013

Roman Catholic records offer a wealth of information for genealogists. They are particularly useful when official civil records of key life events (birth, marriage or death) are unattainable or unavailable. Read More

Jennifer M. Alford

How the Jews Came to America

by Jennifer M. Alford | Apr 10, 2013

When faced with the research of a Jewish ancestor it may seem a daunting task. We think of the Holocaust... Read More

J. Mark Lowe

Slave Schedules Require a Strategy

by J. Mark Lowe | Feb 26, 2013

U.S. census records were collected and compiled with the intent of counting every person living in the states for the... Read More

Michael Hait

Researching African American Soldiers of the Civil War

by Michael Hait | Feb 19, 2013

African Americans have a proud history of military service in the United States, including during the Civil War. In all,... Read More

Kathleen Brandt

Using Ship Manifests for Slave Research

by Kathleen Brandt | Feb 12, 2013

When referencing the slave trade we commonly envision domestic purchases and exchanges of plantation owners and traders culminating in the... Read More

Karin D. Berry

Hiding in Plain Sight: 5 Sources for African-American Genealogy

by Karin D. Berry | Feb 5, 2013

Having a tough time finding African-American ancestors? You can find your relatives in common (and some not-so-common) records -- you... Read More

Lisa Alzo

Why You Need to Join an Ethnic Genealogy Society--Now!

by Lisa Alzo | Aug 9, 2012

Anyone just beginning their genealogical research today has a huge advantage thanks to the plethora of online databases and other... Read More

Ruth Lang

Uncovering Your Portuguese Ancestry

by Ruth Lang | May 17, 2012

Do you have Portuguese ancestry, but are unsure of how to begin tracing your family history? Researching Portuguese ancestry... Read More

Diane L. Richard

Antebellum African American Research: Some Great Specialized Resources!

by Diane L. Richard | Feb 24, 2012

There are so many sources of information that have relevance when researching your free black or slave ancestors. Many of... Read More

Tina Jones

Identifying Slave Ancestors In Famous Historical Oil Paintings

by Tina Jones | Oct 7, 2011

Early slave owner portraits reflect the complex and layered story of black people in the United States. Many early 19th... Read More

Diane L. Richard

Obscure Archives & Databases You Need To Know About

by Diane L. Richard | Sep 8, 2011

With so many genealogists starting their search for records in the US or Canada and then often shifting to the... Read More

Lisa Alzo

Best Online Resources For East European Genealogy

by Lisa Alzo | Aug 29, 2011

Not that long ago if you were researching your ancestors in Central and Eastern Europe, you had but a few... Read More

Kathleen Brandt

Coat Of Arms & Family Research

by Kathleen Brandt | Jul 1, 2011

If the coat of arms hanging prominently on your wall is authentic, it may offer some of the most interesting... Read More

Diane L. Richard

The Freedmen's Bureau Records - Research Your Southern Ancestors

by Diane L. Richard | Jun 9, 2011

If your ancestors lived from Delaware to Texas during and just after the Civil War, you do want to check... Read More

Schelly Talalay Dardashti

The Myth: Truths Of Jewish Genealogy

by Schelly Talalay Dardashti | Oct 21, 2010

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it simply isn't true. Your family name was never changed at Ellis Island. If... Read More

Lisa Alzo

Introduction To Researching Eastern European Ancestors

by Lisa Alzo | Aug 26, 2010

Tracing ancestors back to Eastern Europe can be intimidating for first time researchers. Perhaps you've thought, "It's too difficult, or... Read More

Lisa Lee

Tracing Your Ancestors From The Underground Railroad

by Lisa Lee | Jul 15, 2010

The Underground Railroad (UGRR) was an informal network of individuals loosely organized to aid the escape of American slaves out of slave-holding states and into free Northern states, Canada and South into Mexico. Read More

Robert J. Friedman

An Overview of Jewish Genealogy

by Robert J. Friedman | Feb 19, 2010

Are you looking for connections through Jewish genealogy? Exploring a Jewish past that was lost due to intermarriage or conversion? Searching for family lost in the Holocaust? Today there are more resources than ever to attain those goals. Read More

Frankie Davis

Trace Your Native American Roots

by Frankie Davis | Jan 21, 2010

There are a countless number of Americans curious about their unproven Native American descent. Many are daunted by the task, and don't know where to start. Here you'll learn practical tips to begin tracing your Native American heritage. Read More

Katharine Garstka

The Scots-Irish in the Southern United States: An Overview

by Katharine Garstka | Oct 16, 2009

The Southern United States today is home to people of many different cultural backgrounds, so that genealogical research in the area may lead one to ancestors of various nationalities. One of the principal groups of settlers, however, was the Scots-Irish... Read More

Carolyn L. Barkley

Beginning Your Scottish Clan Research: Basic Strategies and Resources

by Carolyn L. Barkley | Jul 2, 2009

You find a box of family letters in the attic of your childhood home. Yellowed with age and brittle at... Read More

Char McCargo Bah

An Effective Oral History Interview with African Americans

by Char McCargo Bah | Jul 2, 2009

Many genealogists are under the impression that all oral history interviews are the same. In most cases they are when you are asking questions using the five adverbs: who, what, when, how and where. But for most ethnic groups... Read More

Marjory Allen Perez

Early African American and Anti-Slavery Newspapers: Sources for African American Genealogy Research

by Marjory Allen Perez | Jul 2, 2009

Genealogists are very familiar with the importance of newspapers in their search of family history. They have often been described... Read More

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