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Archives Treats You Like A Long-Term Partner

The CJ affiliate program for Archives.com offers you a series of lucrative, distinct advantages versus other family history affiliate programs on CJ.

You see, we view our affiliates as our long-term partners. Therefore, it's our job to make sure that not only is our CJ program fine-tuned to earn you money - but also that your referrals find the information they are looking for and become happy customers of Archives.com.

Here's a few of the reasons why you'll make more by promoting Archives.com:

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Lower Price - Archives.com is up to 80% less than other services. A lower price point means more people can afford to purchase i.e. higher conversion rates for you! Consider this: If you send 100 clicks to us and 100 to someone else, you're far more likely to earn sales with us. Most folks who are starting out researching their family history don't have hundreds of dollars to spend, and that's why they choose Archives.com.

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Higher Commissions - Our affiliate program starts out paying 50% for each paid membership you refer. That's up to twice as much as leading competitors. We value affiliates big and small - you don't have to be a giant website to be paid well for your traffic!

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Longer Cookie Life - Let's say someone comes to Archives.com through your affiliate link or banner, but then leaves our site without buying. This happens all the time. We think you still deserve credit for the sales generated from your referral up to 30 days after the referral took place. In other words, when that visitor you referred to us revisits Archives.com anytime in the next 30 days, you'll STILL get commission. This is very important since some leading genealogy services only offer you a commission if the visitors you refer buy the exact same day they click your link. A referral is a referral - whether it's the same day or 30 days later!

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Innovation in Genealogy (Finally!) - Let's face it: Other family history products are stale and have been in the industry for over 10 years. By now, many of the people who will sign up, have signed up. Enter Archives.com, a straight-forward, low-priced tool for helping people get started researching their family history. Give your visitors an opportunity to try something new that's focused on making family history easy & affordable for all.

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Specific Record Types - Family historians often look through a wide variety of record types to find the information they're looking for. That's why at Archives.com we offer distinct record funnels you can use, including genealogy records, vital records, birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, surname records, cemetery records, and obituary records.

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Easy to Use - If you've been on some of the other family history sites, you know how confusing it is to find the piece of information you're looking for. That difficulty translates into a poor user experience and unhappy customers. We're constantly working to make Archives.com as easy & intuitive as possible for all family historians - not just the experts!

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Tested Conversion Flows - We're methodical about making sure that users who come to our website find what they are looking for and become happy, paying members of Archives.com. This means a better experience for your users as well as more money for you.

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Integrated Resources - We'll work with you to integrate Archives.com sales materials into your website, and we won't force you to only use certain banners that we've pre-approved. This makes it easy to promote us effectively on your website. You know your website's visitors the best. With Archives.com, you can promote our site as you see fit.

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