Discover Ancestors Though Diaries And Letters

by Julie Hill

Posted on September 18, 2009

I'm happy to announce the publication of a new Expert Series article.  To read it now, click here

Author and Certified Genealogist Marjory Perez gives a heartfelt and informative overview of how to use diaries and letters in genealogical research.  She provides links to free resources, and titles of several "must reads". 

Perez can relate to those who have few or no diaries and letters left behind by direct ancestors.   She says, "Don't despair! Family historians will enhance their research by reading the diaries and letters of persons who lived contemporary lives to their ancestors, especially those who lived in or near the same geographical area or may have traveled similar routes in their migrations."

If you've never thought of reading historical diaries or letters, this article provides many helpful pointers to get you started.  Also Perez warns of some difficulties you may run into, and informs you how to get the most out of primary documents.

Read Perez's article Added Value: Non-family Diaries and Letters now to hear more.
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