Amazing Things Your Family History Can Reveal

by Julie Hill

Posted on March 3, 2011

Family history research is extremely rewarding, in part because of the intriguing stories you can learn about your ancestors. Recently, we asked Facebook community members "What's the most interesting fact you've learned about an ancestor?"

We've chosen to share a couple real stories which demonstrate some truly remarkable things they've learned about their family heritage.

  • "That many of my close friends turned out to be cousins." - Irene
  • "LOL...I just recently discovered that my grandfather was a chicken thief!!! It's true." - Diane
  • "The house that I grew up in, was once part of the Underground Railroad. The house was built by an ancestor." - Charlene
  • "Just discovered one line was at Jamestown in 1620-1630! Another helped build the Hebron Lutheran Church in VA--the oldest working Lutheran church in the USA." - Gayle
  • "I'm a direct descendant of Massasoit. He met the Pilgrims." - Beth
Everyone's family has a story - and if you don't know yours it's time to start digging. You can learn some amazing things, as these folks have shown, which can be passed down to future generations. You can read how-to articles to help you get started, or improve your research techniques, here.

Have interesting stories about your ancestors? Please continue to share with us in your comments!

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