Archives Reviewed On Genea-Musings

by Julie Hill

Posted on April 28, 2010

Recently, Genea-Musings blogger Randy Seaver wrote an initial review of He browsed many of the most important areas of the site (non-member area exclusively), and wrote thoroughly about his findings. It was interesting for us to read his first impressions and perspective as a new user.

We appreciate site feedback immensely, as this helps us to understand what we're doing right and what we need to improve on. In response to some questions and feedback from Randy, we wanted to address these points specifically:

  • Exact searches - Archives member searches allow users to specify "exact" criteria for more precise results. In most cases, when you check "exact" you will only receive exact match results. This option is not yet available in the non-member area. Please note that whether "exact" is specified or not, we attempt to bring you the most relevant results. If "exact" isn't specified and no matching results are found, we automatically widen your search to include other records that we think may be helpful to you. We're already working to improve the accuracy of search results--this will be part of an ongoing effort to hone in on the best search experience for Archives users.
  • The member area holds many helpful tools--we're not just a database site. Though we have already amassed over 1.2 billion records, and one of our primary focuses is to bring even more records to our users, Archives is more than its collections total. We've already spent hundreds of hours developing other complementary resources including family tree software (new), the expert article series, ancestor alerts, search guide and tutorial videos (new). We'll continue improving and expanding these resources based on user feedback.
We'd like to welcome anyone who would like to write a review of to reach out to us at press AT We're happy to answer questions about who we are, what we've accomplished, or where we're going. You can also check out our new About Us page to learn more.

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