Mom Approved

by Julie Hill

Posted on May 7, 2010

mother_and_baby.pngThis week, Archives was written up on the blog Mashup Mom. Author Rachel is a mom of two and features interesting products, deals, and giveaways on her site. About Archives she says:

"...I liked their family tree builder tool, which allows you to add life events, pictures, and historical records. This lets you get a visual representation while also incorporating all the info you have available."

And, "...Nice features in the ancestor search allow you to search for the exact spelling of a family member's name, or to search related spellings -- especially in older records, misspellings and variations are common, so this allows you to search without manually trying to think of and type in every possible variation."

It was great to hear Rachel's feedback, and read the comments from her readers about their interest in family history and journeys tracing their heritage.

Remember to celebrate YOUR mom this weekend - Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9th. Moms everywhere, make sure to take time to be with family and celebrate your accomplishments!

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