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Vital Records From The Golden State

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California has a great history involving the Gold Rush and a rapidly growing population since it was first settled by the Spanish in 1769. If your ancestors were from California or travelled here during the rapid population boom of the... Read More »

Labeling Your Search Results on

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Often in your research you might find that it's hard to keep track of what you have already searched and what results you've already looked at. Archives has made it simple and easy for you to catalog your search results... Read More »

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors With Griffith's Valuation

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All countries have certain records that form a basis for most research. In the United States, it would be the federal census. For Ireland, one source that you should always consult is the Primary Valuation of Ireland, commonly called "Griffith's... Read More »

Breaking Down Marriage Records

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Marriage records can contain a surprising amount of information. It's easy to confuse some of the dates and names. Let's take a look at a marriage record and break it down to see what it's really telling us. Read More »

Finding Females in Death Records

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Tracing the female half of the family tree can be a bit tricky. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when you're having trouble finding a female in death records. Read More »

Searching By Record Type on

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If you have searched on, you've probably done so from our search form on the member homepage. This is a great tool that can bring you results from a wide variety of databases, but what if you're looking for... Read More »

Kentucky Research: Vital Records for the Bluegrass State

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With its rolling hills, deep forests, and rushing rivers, Kentucky is a beautiful state. Kentucky is also rich in genealogical resources. Let's take a look at some of the vital record collections you'll find on Read More »

5 Tips for Finding Birth Records

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You know your ancestor was born; you're living proof of that! Sometimes, however, it can be a little difficult to find his or her birth record. Here are five tips to help you find it: Read More »

Using the New Show More Feature

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It's not unusual to find several people with the same name in the census. Going through the results to find the right one just got easier, thanks to the new "Show more" feature. Read More »

Finding Collections on

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Searching across all 2.6 billion records on is easy. But how can you find out what collections are available? This video will show you all about the Collections page, including the section on new and updated collections and how to find collections for a specific location. Read More »

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