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Posted on March 7, 2018

Something look different? 

To better serve our users, we've created a new experience for you on Archives.com. Due to an older infrastructure, we are not able to continue to develop our features or expand our collections on the old Archives.com. We've created this new experience for you to give you access to more content 

With this upgrade, in the coming months, you can expect the following: 

  • Updated collections 
  • Improved ancestor hints and discoveries on the site and through email 
  • A brand new tree experience (coming soon!) 
  • Connections and insights on ancestors you never knew you had (coming soon!) 

Want to learn more? 

Use the links below to explore and learn more about our new 

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Check out our Books Collection 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will the content I have saved or the trees that I have built be available in this new experience? 

Yes all user content has been moved to the new experience. If you have any trouble accessing your content, view the help guides found here or contact Member Services. 

How will this affect my subscription? 

Your subscription will be under the same terms (cost and duration) you had before. 

Why can't I see everyone on my tree? 

At this time, we are only showing the pedigree view on users trees. We will have the full view of all members on your tree shortly. 

Why can't I edit my timeline information? 

We are currently working to make this timeline editable. At this time it is read-only. 


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