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12 Million New Vital Records Available on Archives

Whether your ancestors were in Virginia, the American West, or somewhere in between, you'll want to take a look at the latest collections on We recently added nine new collections of birth, marriage, and death records with more than 12 million records. Let's take a look at the newest collections: Read More »

10 Million New Records: Indiana, Iowa, Idaho and More

If you have ancestors in the Midwest, South, or West, you should take a look at these eight new collections on These birth, death, and marriage indexes from Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, and Montana contain more than 10 million records. The new collections include: Read More » Launches 5 Million U.S. Vital Records is pleased to announce the release of more than 5 million birth, marriage, and death records to its members. If your family tree reaches into Alabama, Arizona, California or the District of Columbia, you will want to search in these records. The new collections include... Read More »

New Collections: Delaware, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and D.C.

What do Delaware, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and the District of Columbia have in common? Besides all of them having the letter "A" in their names, they all have new record collections on! Read More »

New Collections: New York State Censuses

When we think of census records, we usually think of the federal census. However, some states took their own censuses. New York is one such state. Now you can search three valuable New York state censuses on 1892, 1915, and 1925. Read More »

New Collections: Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico and Utah

Do you have ancestors in Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico or Utah? You will want to check out's new set of vital records collections! Summertime is a great time to discover your family history, so grab a cold lemonade and check out these 10 new collections of birth, marriage, and death records. Read More »

New Collections for Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi and Missouri

Finding ancestors in Arizona, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi and Missouri just got easier! recently added nine new vital records collections for these states. If you have ancestors from there, you will definitely want to check out these 3.5 million records.
Highlights Include:
Missouri, Early Death Records covers 1834 to 1910. Read More »

New Collections for Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey and Tennessee

Georgia, Indiana, New Jersey and Tennessee. What do these states have in common? All have new vital records collections on! We recently launched 3.6 million birth, marriage, and death records for these states. Let's take a look at these seven collections. Read More »

Scrolling Through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Records

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America collections are great for finding genealogical information. These collections make it possible to find birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death records for members of churches affiliated with the ELCA. Now, those records are even easier to use. Read More »

New Collections for South Carolina, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin

The vital record collections on keep on growing! We recently added more than 13 million vital records from South Carolina, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin. If you have ancestors in those states, you will want to check out these 12 new collections!
Highlights Include:
South Carolina, Early Death Records includes statewide death certificates, 1915-1955 Read More » Adds 13 Million Vital Records

The flowers are growing and so are the vital record collections on! We recently added 13.6 million vital records from eight states. If you have ancestors in Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, or Pennsylvania, these new collections might hold the answers you've been looking for.
Highlights Include: Connecticut Death and Burial Index Read More » Adds 28 Million U.S. Vital Records

You might have heard about the recent addition of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America records on The new records don't stop there! In addition to the ELCA collections, we have added more than 28 million vital records from seven states. These 21 collections contain some fantastic genealogical information.
Highlights Include: Illinois Death Read More »

Using the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Records recently published nearly 4.6 million records from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The livestream video this week showed how to use these records. Amy Johnson Crow also gave background about the ELCA and how that impacts who you can expect to find. If you couldn't make it to today's livestream, you can watch it here Read More » Publishes Millions of Lutheran Church Records is thrilled to announce the release of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) birth, marriage and death record collections! These three collections total nearly 4.6 million records., in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Archives, digitized and indexed approximately one thousand rolls of microfilmed records from churches now affiliated with the ELCA. These records have never before been online. Read More » Adds Records for Four States, Plus More

Looking for ancestors in California, Florida, Ohio, or Texas? Looking for places of burial across the United States? has recently added six new vital record collections, plus a national collection of tombstone records. These seven collection total more than 51 million records.

Recently Added Collections include California County Marriage Index, Florida Marriage Collection, Florida Death Index,... Read More »

Using U.K. Censuses on

If your family tree has roots in England, Wales, the Isle of Man, or the Channel Islands, you will want to check out the United Kingdom censuses on The U.K. censuses were taken every ten years. The collections on include 1841 through 1901. The 1841 census was the first U.K. census to list people by name. Beginning in 1851, the census included each person's relationship to the head... Read More » Massively Expands U.S. Vital Records Collections

With the holidays behind us, It's time to dig into finding more ancestors and is here to help. We recently added more than 58 million United States vital records. These 27 new collections contain birth, death, or marriage information from 21 states.

Highlights include: Connecticut Town Death Records and Connecticut Town Marriage Records (popularly known as the Barbour Collection) Read More »

Updated Collections for Ohio and Alaska

If you have ancestors in the Buckeye State or in the Last Frontier, you will be interested in these updates on Archives. We've recently updated five collections for Ohio and Alaska.

For Alaska, we have updated Alaska Divorce Records. This collection starts circa 1970 and continues to the present. It covers divorces in all Alaskan courts except for Angoon, Hoonah, Kake, Skagway, and Yakutat. Read More »

New Collections for Massachusetts, Michigan, and Nevada

Do you have ancestors in Massachusetts, Michigan, or Nevada? If so, you will want to check out these new collections on Archives.

For Massachusetts, we've added Dedham birth records. This collection covers 1887 to 1893. Besides the name and birthdate of the child, the records list the parents' names and their birth places. This is great information for furthering your research. Dedham is in Norfolk County in eastern Massachusetts. Read More »

New Collections for Arkansas, North Carolina, and More

We've been busy adding more collections to help you with your family history research. Recently, we added collections from Arkansas, New York, and North Carolina, in addition to the completion of the 1940 census. All together, the total is more than 38.1 million records! Let's take a look at the new collections.

From Arkansas, we added Washington County marriage records. Washington County is located in northwest Arkansas, and the collection spans from 1845 to 1941. Each record includes the full names of the bride and groom, year, volume, page number, and an image of the original record. Be certain to look at the image, as this will often contain more information. Read More »

Celebrating Graduates Past and Present

It's the season for seniors across the nation to put on long gowns and funny-looking hats and receive their diplomas, which they've worked so hard for. To all of the graduates and their families, we salute you!

Yearbooks are a great way of reliving memories of our school years. They're also sure to cause younger generations to giggle at the dated clothes or hairstyles. Or who knows, maybe they've come back in style!

Archives has a growing collection of digitized yearbooks available for exploration. Currently, it's possible to search over 3,000 yearbooks, with more coming online very soon. The collection is more than just high school yearbooks. There are also some from middle schools, colleges, and even the military. Read More »

New to Yearbooks!

You may or may not want to dust off your own high school yearbook, but it's undeniable that yearbooks have an important place in family history research. Today is announcing the addition of over 3,000 U.S. high school, college, middle school, and military yearbooks to the website.

Now at you can search over 300,000 yearbook pages, which date back to as early as 1904. These pages have been indexed by name and keyword so that you can search for relatives, old classmates, or events like "homecoming dance" or "state football game."

It's simple to locate yearbook pages: Read More »

The Start of a Big Year: Family Trees and Census Images

It's true! As reported on PandoDaily, has added hundreds of millions of new records including census images and family trees. This brings the count of records available on to over 2 billion. We were honored to be featured in an article on the new blog, founded by former senior editor of TechCrunch Sarah Lacy.

Please like, share, and tweet the article to help us spread the word! has added a phenomenal collection of family trees from FamilySearch International , the largest genealogy organization in the world. These community tree records dating back to circa 1500 Read More »

Archives Partners With NEHGS to Add Over 2 Million New Vital Records

We are pleased to announce the addition of a vital records collection that will prove very valuable to family historians researching ancestors in Massachusetts in the 16th through 19th centuries. Courtesy of the New England Historic Genealogical Society (, has added 2,061,221 birth, death, and marriage records that span the years 1569 to 1850. Read More »

Over 900,000 Texas and North Dakota Cemetery and Vital Records Added

Today we are excited to announce the addition of eight collections from Texas and North Dakota. In total, these collections represent an addition of 928, 269 records that will be very valuable to family history researchers tracing ancestors in these states.

From North Dakota, we added 10,948 cemetery records from Dickinson City. This collection spans 1801 to 2011. Each record lists the full name of the deceased person, the cemetery, and plot information, as well as dates of birth and death when available. Read More » Gift Memberships, Perfect for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping!

Just in time for the holidays, we're excited to announce the introduction of gift memberships! Now you can purchase a gift membership to and share the joy of family history with your loved ones.

To purchase an gift membership today visit This makes a fantastic gift for a spouse, child, or parent - or anyone interested in exploring their family history. Best of all, no shipping or standing in line required!

Gift memberships are available for three, six, or twelve month periods and are non-renewing. When you buy a gift membership, you just enter the recipient's name, email address, and a brief message Read More »

Enhanced Image Viewer on

Recently, we made a several notable enhancements to the image viewer on Though our original image viewer was a solid beginning, we've vastly improved the functionality to provide users with an extended frame view, easier controls and navigation, and ability to invert colors.

Images of historical records are invaluable to genealogy research, as they help bring our ancestors and their stories to life. They often hold more information than is available in an indexed record, and may even reveal an ancestor's handwriting.

Here we'll give you a quick tour of the enhancements made to the image viewer. Read More »

New Records! Over Four Million Vital Records Added

We're pleased to announce the addition of over four million new vital records to The recently added birth, death, marriage, and divorce records come from many states including Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Utah, Colorado, Maine, and Washington, and span years 1800 to 2011. Many of these digital records are accompanied by scanned images, which will be coming online soon.

With full access to these important historical records, as well as the U.S. Federal Census, we're excited to help family historians research their ancestors even more effectively than before.

At a glance, here's a summary of what's been added recently: Read More » Adds the U.S. Census to its Website

Today, the web's most affordable and easy-to-use subscription-based family history site, announces the addition of the U.S. Federal Census, the single most valuable collection of U.S. historical records. The U.S. Census collections were made available by FamilySearch International, the world's largest genealogy organization, as part of a joint effort to introduce more records to family historians worldwide. In conjunction with the Census effort, Archives will also embark on a joint project with FamilySearch to digitize tens-of-millions of additional historical records, the majority of which are not currently online. Archives has pledged a minimum of five million dollars to this important project which will positively impact the entire community. Read More »

Archives Adds 17 Million U.S. Vital and Military Records

We're excited to announce that today there are 17 million new U.S. vital and military records available on! The addition of these records will help family historians trace more ancestors through than ever before possible. This also demonstrates Archives' commitment to continually bringing users high-value historical content.

These new birth, death, marriage, and military records make up 30 unique collections. Here is a quick summary of the new records:

Military Records - Military Personnel Records - this exciting compilation includes personnel records from the Vietnam War and Gulf War eras. With nearly 16 million in all, these records provide... Read More »

Winner of the Father's Day Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the Father's Day Giveaway. We loved every submission; your dads and husbands are very lucky to have you!

We've awarded the free membership to Charlotte as a present to her husband. Charlotte said, "This would be a great gift to give to my husband. He has been trying to locate several relatives and has been hitting a brick wall. This would really make his day. Since his dad is gone and can't answer questions, he needs new avenues."

Seeing so many great comments, we decided to provide two other bonus memberships! Gift memberships... Read More »

Father's Day Giveaway! Win a Free Membership for Dad

Still looking for a last minute Father's Day gift? Look no further. An membership will help your dad trace the family tree back farther than ever, with easy-to-use tools and a database of over one billion historical records.

In 2010, made WalletPop's list of Father's Day 'great tech gift ideas'. Since then we've added millions of historical records and new functionality to make it even simpler to build your family tree. This year, we're giving away one membership for Father's Day!

To win the free membership post a comment below telling us why your dad, or a... Read More »

Research Civil War Records on has great resources for beginning and advanced family historians alike. For the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, we wanted to point out all of the Civil War related materials available to our users. First are two insightful articles written by expert genealogists, which dive into research strategies for uncovering Civil War era records. The first was written by former law professor and genealogy blogger Craig Manson. In the... Read More »

Strike Gold With New Carson City, Nevada Vital Records

Between 1860 and 1870, Carson City, Nevada's population tripled after gold and silver were found at the nearby Comstock Lode, putting the city on the map as a hub of commerce and transportation. Check out new collections of Carson City birth, death, and marriage records to see if your ancestors joined the influx of those looking for new opportunities in the thriving city. More about the Carson City, Nevada collections:... Read More »

New! Mesa County, Colorado Marriage Records

We're excited to bring users a new collection of marriage records from Mesa County, Colorado. This collection adds over 61 thousand marriage records to the database. These records span from the present all the way back to the county's creation in 1883! Could you have an ancestor who lived in Mesa County, or who stopped through to visit the county's famous geological formations? Find out by running a... Read More »

Two Million Washington State Vital Records Added

President's Day may have just come and gone, but there's still plenty to celebrate. Now users can search through two million new vital records to track down ancestors from the state named after our first president. This addition is made up of three new collections from the Washington State Digital Archives. Here's a little bit more information about each collection: Washington Birth Records, covering years 1881 to 1908.... Read More »

New U.S. Vital Records And Obituaries On

At, we are constantly working behind-the-scenes to improve and expand our records databases. Today we're happy to announce the integration of many new and updated collections, which total over 1.2 million unique records. There is a fascinating collection of U.S. funeral home obituaries, and vital records from Florida and Idaho. Florida marriage and will records will be particularly useful to genealogists because the scanned certificates are also accessible within... Read More »

Share Your Discoveries With Friends

Archives allows users to search over 1.1 billion records, and you can now share your record discoveries with friends. Beginning today, users are able to "share" information about records on popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to show your friends and family the progress you're making, and collaborate more easily. To share a record, start by logging in to Run a search, then click... Read More »

New! Montana Death Records

As part of our continued effort to bring members valuable content, we've integrated a new collection of Montana death records covering years 1860 to 2007. members now have unlimited access to this collection of over 600,000 unique records. Every record in this collection contains helpful information that may assist you in identifying, or learning more about, an ancestor. Records from 1860 to 1953 generally include these fields: name, death... Read More »

Update! Ohio Death Records

Two additional years of Ohio death records (2007 and 2008) are now available to members. With the addition of these new records the Ohio Death Records collection spans 1958 to 2008, totaling over 5 million records. If you have relatives or family lines you're researching in Ohio, this collection will be a great asset. Each record contains a ton interesting information about the deceased, including: age, gender, marital status,... Read More »

Just Added: U.S. County Vital Records

We're excited to present several new county vital record collections to members. Vital records can provide invaluable information about your ancestors, or living relatives you'd like to locate or add to your tree. These new collections, with records from Fairfax County, Virginia and Skagit County, Washington, add over 40,000 new records to Archives allows members to easily search vital records from the "Search" tab. Here is a list... Read More »

Search By Collection

Archives recently added new functionality that allows members to search historical records by collection. Searching by collection is an extremely helpful way to narrow your search, and get more relevant results. To search for records in by collection: Log in to and click the "Search" tab. Select the record type you would like to search from the "Select an Archive" drop-down menu. Look for the "Select a Collection"... Read More »

New! Access To Historical Newspapers members now have easy access to over 2 million historical newspaper pages digitized and made available by Chronicling America, a program sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress. Newspapers in this collection cover years 1860 to 1922 and the following states: Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia... Read More »

Members Enjoy Free Access To Family Tree Magazine

Our friends at Family Tree Magazine have made it possible for members to download the latest digital issue for free. Family Tree Magazine, a leading genealogy publication, is a great resource for any family historian. Each issue holds a variety of articles including how-to's, web guides, and more. If you're an Archives member, collect your free issue by logging into your account. On the member homepage you'll notice... Read More »

New Connecticut Vital Records Available

Archives just added new data collections from Connecticut. These records will help you learn more about living relatives, or recent ancestors - and may help you uncover a missing link in your research. The Connecticut Marriage Records collection was updated to include years 2006 and 2007. The Connecticut Death Records collection was just added and has records from 1949 to 2007. When available, records hold: name, date of birth, residence... Read More »

Archives Enhancements

In addition to the other enhancements mentioned, we just released several site updates including: Redesigned member homepage and simplified navigation - The next time you log in, you'll notice the member homepage has a new look and feel. This was done to make it easier for users to find all of the valuable features on Also, the navigation consolidates all of our offerings in five tabs Home, Search, My... Read More »

Archives Adds Thousands Of Surname Histories

What's behind your name? Now it's easy to find out by running a "Surname Histories" search on Today, Archives integrated The Dictionary of American Family Names - an invaluable resource with information on more than 70,000 of the most common U.S. surnames. The dictionary provides historical explanations, origins, frequencies, associated names, and covers 90 percent of the U.S. population. To run a search for a surname, log in to... Read More »

Track Down Offline Public Records

Archives just made it easier for you to track down public records by creating the Public Records Wizard. The Public Records Wizard is a tool that allows you to search for public record offices anywhere in the U.S. - and is for anyone trying to locate offline records for ancestors or living relatives. Only a small fraction U.S. public records are available online, therefore family historians must inquire with state... Read More »

New Video Tutorials Available To Members

To help members through common research roadblocks, we've added several new video tutorials to The videos are made available to members by Family Tree Magazine, America's #1 family history magazine and creator of Family Tree University. Each video tutorial averages around 45 minutes of helpful tips, and will assist you break through brick-walls, find vital records, immigration records, old newspapers, and more! To watch a tutorial video, log in... Read More »

Henry Louis Gates Joins Archives As Advisor

We are excited to announce that Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr has joined as an official Advisor. As the Director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University, and host of PBS's "Faces of America", Professor Gates is a leading authority in the field of African American Studies. Researching African family history can be very challenging. Many traditional research options such... Read More »

Archives Launches On Commission Junction (CJ)

We're happy to announce the launch of Archives on the Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate network! The CJ affiliate network is the Internet's largest third-party affiliate network. Starting today, anyone can join CJ and become an affiliate of Archives. For those familiar with affiliate marketing already, here are just a few of the reasons why Archives will generate more for you in affiliate commissions than competing family history sites: 30 Day... Read More »

Search Helpful Genealogy Resources For Free

Archives made several significant updates in the past two weeks, one of the most notable has been the addition of the free internet search feature. This tool scours many of the most popular online genealogy resources including: FamilySearch, USGenWeb, Find A Grave, CousinConnect, Interment, and ImmigrantShips, to help users find their ancestors. Now all it takes is one search to find records from multiple websites.Here's an example of the... Read More »

Access To Millions Of FamilySearch Records

Archives has worked with FamilySearch to provide access to millions of records from their U.S., U.K, and Canadian collections. Both members and non-members can access these records by simply running a search on, one of the leading family history resources, has digitized and indexed hundreds of important vital, census, immigration, and military collections, helping to preserve and ensure access to many millions of historical records. There are two... Read More »

New California Vital Records Integrated

We are pleased to announce that today over 30 million new vital records from California were integrated into These records are fully searchable in the Archives member area. If you're already a member, log in now to begin searching millions of additional records. The California Birth and Death Indexes are very special collections. The birth records date back to 1905, and provide important information about our ancestors and relatives... Read More »

Family Tree Enhancements

We upgraded the Archives family tree tools last week based on feedback we received from users. Though lots of behind-the-scenes work was involved, the most important updates include: Print - users can print the current view of their tree, or a tree member profile. Expanded Tree View - users can now view up to 5 generations of their family tree at once. GEDCOM import size - we expanded the maximum... Read More »

New Videos Help Members Learn About Archives

Though we've designed to be easy-to-use (even for beginners), we understand that learning how to use new tools can be a challenge. That's why we created two tutorial videos to help Archives users search in the member area, and create family trees. We've integrated both of these videos into the member area, so they are available to you if you're lost or have questions. After watching a tutorial... Read More »

Easier To Search Census Records

As one of the best sources of information about your ancestors, census records are invaluable to your family history research. allows members to access millions of U.S. census records. To make the search more precise, we just launched an enhancement that allows you to search for census records by census year. This means it's easier to find the exact record you're searching for, and you don't have to sift... Read More »

Build Your Family Tree On Archives

There's a new powerful and easy to use tool on Archives that allows you to build your family tree. We've been developing this behind the scenes for months, and now it's available in the Archives member area under the Family Trees tab. As one of the most important additions to since its launch in July 2009, we're eager to hear your feedback. Please email us about your experience using... Read More »

New Feature: Saved Reports

Have you ever viewed a report on and forgot to print it for future reference? This experience was disappointing and not uncommon. Listening closely to customer feedback we decided to address this common mistake and automatically save all member reports for you. We're really excited about this new feature because it means living person Contact Information Reports and Public Record Reports don't vanish when you close your browser or... Read More »

New U.S. Naturalization and Military Records

Last week we made millions of new records available on Newly integrated collections include: U.S. Naturalization Records U.S. Confederate Soldier Service Records U.S. Revolutionary War Pension Applications To search these records in the Archives member area, log in and click the Search tab. To search naturalization records by name: choose "immigration records" from the Select An Archive drop-down menu then enter the information you know about your ancestor. To... Read More »

We're Now Archives

You may have noticed we've changed our name from Genealogy Archives to Archives! We wanted to alert members and the community to this change to prevent any confusion. You can log in now at (remember to update your bookmarks!). Visit the Archives homepage now to check out the new, user friendly design. We also just released many improvements to the member area, which we'll discuss in greater detail in the... Read More »

New 1900, 1910, 1920 Census Indexes

Partial indexes of the 1900, 1910 and 1920 Federal Censuses are now available on Archives, courtesy of Earlier this year we worked with Footnote to bring you the 1860 and 1930 Federal Census indexes. Due to the success of this partnership, we have decided to integrate these three new collections--containing more than 1,000,000 unique records. The Footnote indexes are now fully searchable in the members area of To... Read More »

New Vital Records From Idaho

We know the importance of vital records to both family historians and those looking for living relatives. This is why we focus on bringing members not only new vital records collections, but also on keeping our existing vital records collections up-to-date. For example, we just updated the Idaho marriage and divorce record collections to include 1958, an entirely new year of data. Meaning one full year of new vital records... Read More »

Find Your Confederate Soldier

Today, Archives added over 20,000 Confederate soldier death records--these are now fully searchable in the members area of To search for records in this new collection now click here >> Here is a complete description of the new collection: Title: Confederate Soldier Death Records Description: This collection contains over 20,000 death records of persons who served as Confederate soldiers in the U.S. Civil War. This information was taken from... Read More »

New U.S. Collections Added

You requested more data and we listened. just added five collections and over 500,000 new records to its database. Here is a short description of each new collection: Nevada Divorce Records 1968 to 2007: This collection of Nevada divorce records was provided by the Nevada Department of Heath and Human Services. It contains data from 1968-2007. Source: Nevada Department of Heath and Human Services Mexican War Soldiers 1846 to... Read More »

Connect With Living Relatives

Archives just expanded its services by offering members access to Contact and Public Records Reports. These reports provide you with hard-to-find information, and will be invaluable in your research on living and recently deceased relatives. Normally accessing this information would require you to send in a written request to a government agency, or to compile information from several different sources. makes the information easily accessible and affordable--just one way that... Read More »

New At Archives - Part II

We've completed Part Two of the release mentioned in the November 18 blog post. Though many of the improvements happened "behind the scenes" two new features deserve a special introduction. Member Profiles Member Profiles were created to help you get the most from your membership. In your Member Profile you are encouraged to add personal information and explore different areas of the website. This will help to orient you with... Read More »

New At Archives

Many people are suspicious of Friday the thirteenth, but not us! Archives rolled out some major changes last Friday November 13, 2009 and the team did a phenomenal job making it a smooth event. These site-wide changes were part one of a two part release aimed to improve user experience, site performance, and design. We also added new international immigration and vital record collections--part of our ongoing effort to constantly add... Read More »

Improvements To Members Area Complete

Last week launched several significant updates and improvements to the Members Area.  These were largely inspired by the user feedback we've received, and represent the first of many positive changes to come.  They include: New and improved way to has over a billion records, and now it's easier than ever to find the one that you're looking for.  We've updated the way we filter and display records so... Read More »

Over Two Hundred Million New Records Added

Archives has been live for less than two months, but we already have made our first major site upgrade. Major kudos to the team for a job well done.  In this release we focused on improving site stability, security, and performance but the highlight was definitely adding over 200 million records--now fully searchable in the members area!  This phenomenal achievement is a product of both our successful content acquisition... Read More »

Welcome to the Archives Blog!

Welcome! is a new site destined to be a premier research site for both beginning and advanced family historians.  This blog is designed to be our direct connection with you, the genealogy community, who we hope will use and enjoy our site. Here you'll get the inside scoop on site updates and improvements, collection additions, partnerships, and more. About Archives: We set out in January 2009 with the goal... Read More »

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