New Feature: Saved Reports

by Julie Hill

Posted on February 16, 2010

Have you ever viewed a report on and forgot to print it for future reference? This experience was disappointing and not uncommon. Listening closely to customer feedback we decided to address this common mistake and automatically save all member reports for you.

We're really excited about this new feature because it means living person Contact Information Reports and Public Record Reports don't vanish when you close your browser or log-out. They're available to you anytime, within 6 months of the original view, in My Account.


Since we save the report automatically you don't have to worry about transcribing the information or printing the record right away - do this at your convenience.

Your account is now command central for tracking your research, and staying on top of your organization. To view your saved reports, log in to, click My Account in the upper-right corner of your screen. Under Account Options click the View Saved Reports link. All of your Contact Information Reports and Public Record Reports will be saved here.

Hope you find this new feature helpful to your research. Let us know your thoughts on saved reports below, or send feedback to [email protected].

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