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12 Resources for Researching WWI Overseas Marriages

Documenting the foreign-natives who married soldiers overseas can be challenging, but these off-shore marriages were quite common during both WWI and WWII. Read More

Resources for Examining Your Ancestors' Neighborhood

Beyond the facts surrounding your ancestor, have you considered putting the person or family into historical context? By examining the neighborhood or the town in which your ancestor lived, you may discover information you never considered before or knew existed. Read More

Wild and Wonderful Resources for Finding West Virginia Ancestors

If the path to your ancestors takes you home to West Virginia, use this article as a roadmap to help you find them. Read More

The Graves Registration Service in World War II: Part II

The dead have been cleared from the smoky battlefield and are on the stripping line at the Graves Registration Service... Read More

The Graves Registration Service in World War II: Part I

They say dead men tell no tales, but the troops who fought and died told their stories to the men of the Graves Registration Service. Read More

Epidemics and Pandemics: The Records Left Behind

Research related to epidemics and pandemics takes skill in unearthing not-so-obvious records and connecting the dots. Read More

Best Resources for Urban Research

Many of us have ancestors who put down roots in the city. People who lived in cities tended to be more mobile; they may not move as far, but they seem to move more often. Luckily for genealogists, there are several resources you can use specifically for urban research. Read More

Women of World War II

It's dawn on December 7, 1941. Airplanes can be seen on the horizon, but why is the Navy practicing this... Read More

Researching Your Pittsburgh Ancestors

The Steel City. The City at the Point. The City of Champions. No matter the nickname, for more than 250... Read More

Curb Your Enthusiasm and Grow as a Genealogist

We're all enthusiasm and energy when we begin in genealogy. We want it all, and all at once. And at first, we can get it. Enthusiasm is indispensable, but it can only carry us so far. Read More

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