Lilly Cleveland

Lilly Cleveland

I have been interested in genealogy since childhood. Stories about great grandparents and their origins were captivating. We heard very early on about family members and those stories have purpose later in adulthood. Stories are the first layer of research. Your family story, even the fragmented memories of a child, can be researched and woven into a complex and readable history. Even one name, remembered at random, can later be utilized and serve as an invaluable clue. With education and research skills, one can build a reliable history. All citations and evidence gained can be cross checked. We can build and share a data base of these lost people.

I majored in American History at Boston University. During that time, I researched Royal Governor of New Hampshire, Benning Wentworth. The task was to build a personality and travel log for the Governor, who lived in Portsmouth and also in Hampstead, NH. He had a hunting lodge in Hampstead, the remnants of which you can still see. Research at the Registry of Deeds for Rockingham County corroborated the evidence in the old foundations and rock walls lost in the forest. The New Hampshire State Paper Series provided a structure for his life time.

Then I took the genealogical studies program at Boston University. I enjoyed meeting some of the leaders in the genealogical field. The components included forensics, publishing, internet research and how to utilize repositories. All in all it was a wonderful experience. It also gives one the tools to tackle a complex problem, such as reconstructing the past and especially the history of the common person. I received the Certificate in Genealogical Research.

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