Source Citations: They're Not As Hard As You Think [video]

by Amy Johnson Crow | Jun 26, 2013

Amy Johnson Crow

Does the thought of creating a source citation cause flashbacks to high school term papers? Do you freak out wondering if the title is supposed to be italicized or in quotes (or is it both)? If source citations are scary to you, relax. They're really not as frightening as you think. Plus, there are good reasons for getting over your fear.

Source citations have two basic functions. The first is that they allow you (and others) to tell exactly where you found a piece of information. Source citations also allow you (and others) to evaluate how accurate a source might be. This is essential when you're trying to reconcile sources that don't agree. (Harold Henderson's article "How to Handle Conflicting Evidence: A Six-Step Program" will give you more insight into how to reconcile sources that don't agree.)

In this video, we will look at the elements of a good source citation. We'll also cover why you should bother doing citations and how they can help you in your research.

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