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Finding Genealogy in Library Catalogs

Author - Gena P. Ortega
When I was a teenager working at our city library, the only way to search the library's collections was by... Read More

Preserving the Heritage of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, Mayflower Passengers

Author - Lilly Cleveland
The story of Pilgrims John Alden and Priscilla Mullins is intriguing. John was the cooper aboard the ship Mayflower. His... Read More

Days (And Nights) At Your Museum

Author - Don Edwards
Can you discover genealogical treasures in museums? Museums hold the "first hand history" of artifacts, original records, oral and family... Read More

How May I Help You? Getting The Answers You Need From Government Agencies, Archives & Libraries

Author - Ruth Lang
Over the years as I have researched my own family tree and those of my clients, I have learned much... Read More

Past The Guardian, Through The Labyrinth: Navigating School Archives

Author - Lou Liberty
All adventures begin with a "call", an urge to explore, discover and bring back Treasure. If the call is answered,... Read More

FamilySearch Centers: Have You Visited One Lately?

Author - Diane L. Richard
My Love Affair With FamilySearch Centers I am writing this as I once again recently spend time at my local... Read More

Hidden Treasures In Overlooked Repositories

Author - Lou Liberty
Question: What do the following have in common: 1) an American first edition of Winnie The Pooh accompanied by a... Read More

Family History Research At University Libraries

Author - Gena P. Ortega
Go back to school! Well you won't really have to attend a school but one place overlooked by genealogists is the university library. Read More

Accessing Family Treasures In The National Archives

Author - Kathleen Brandt
Visiting the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) in Washington D.C., or one of the regional NARA branches, can be a... Read More

Genealogy Research In Special Collections

Author - Amy Coffin
Genealogy research often revolves around birth, marriage, death and census records. Find those details and move back to the next... Read More

Genealogy Resources At The Public Library

Author - Amy Coffin
There is a great genealogy resource near you. It contains free accessed to the latest "how-to" books, magazines and historical materials. Computers with the latest genealogy databases are waiting for you to use them. There are classes, lessons, special events and a staff whose sole purpose is to help you find the information you need. Read More

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