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12 Resources for Researching WWI Overseas Marriages

Author - Kathleen Brandt
Documenting the foreign-natives who married soldiers overseas can be challenging, but these off-shore marriages were quite common during both WWI and WWII. Read More

The Graves Registration Service in World War II: Part II

Author - Jennifer Holik
The dead have been cleared from the smoky battlefield and are on the stripping line at the Graves Registration Service... Read More

The Graves Registration Service in World War II: Part I

Author - Jennifer Holik
They say dead men tell no tales, but the troops who fought and died told their stories to the men of the Graves Registration Service. Read More

Women of World War II

Author - Jennifer Holik
It's dawn on December 7, 1941. Airplanes can be seen on the horizon, but why is the Navy practicing this... Read More

Finding the Regiment: The Key to Researching Your Civil War Ancestor

Author - Amy Johnson Crow
The American Civil War caused some of the richest genealogical records to be created. From service and pension records to... Read More

Telling the Stories of the Lost: Remembering Fallen Service Members

Author - Jennifer Holik
Michael, dead at the age of 26, after serving with the 32nd Division in France in 1918. Frank, dead at... Read More

Researching Your 1812 Impressed Seamen

Author - Kathleen Brandt
Uncovering data and documents of your seafaring ancestor can be challenging. Seamen and privateers' commitment to life on the seas... Read More

Finding & Using Military Bounty Land Records

Author - Sunny McClellan Morton
During the colonial era and early years of the United States, cash-poor governments often lured men into military service... Read More

Researching War Of 1812 Veterans

Author - Kathleen Brandt
This year marks the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Perhaps your ancestor was one of the 286,000 American soldiers... Read More

Civil War Photographs: Where To Find Copyright-Free Images Online

Author - Nancy Hendrickson
When I realized how many Civil War ancestors were perched in my family tree, I was curious about where... Read More

Find Your Civil War Ancestor On The Internet

Author - Nancy Hendrickson
A month following Robert E. Lee's surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, the Union armies paraded through the streets of Washington, D.C.... Read More

Newly Released War Of 1812 Land Records

Author - Jim Dane
The National Bureau of Land Management recently released family military land records to the general public. These records have only... Read More

Civil War Unit Structures: A Basic Breakdown

Author - Joe Bilby
Platoon, division, battalion, regiment, squadron, company, army corps - these are all military unit designations that the genealogist or... Read More

Your Ancestor's Military Records Were Destroyed? What to Do?

Author - Kathleen Brandt
The July 12, 1973 fire at the St. Louis National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) destroyed approximately 80% of Army personnel... Read More

How I Discovered That The First Shot Of The Civil War Fired In Michigan

Author - Craig Manson
Unraveling a family mystery can sometimes lead to a significant historical event. As I tried to understand a pair of... Read More

Finding Your Revolutionary War Soldier

Author - Kathleen Brandt
Finding your Revolutionary War soldier among 200,000 plus participants can be daunting. The eight year war began with shots in Lexington, MA, April 19, 1775, and continued until the Second Treaty of Paris in 1783... Read More

Researching Your Civil War Ancestors

Author - Laura H. Congleton
Between 1861 and 1865 more than 3 million men took part in the U.S. Civil War, fighting for either the Union or the Confederacy. Soldiers and sailors included men from all walks of life, including both citizens and foreign nationals... Read More

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