State Research

Wild and Wonderful Resources for Finding West Virginia Ancestors

Author - Lisa Alzo
If the path to your ancestors takes you home to West Virginia, use this article as a roadmap to help you find them. Read More

Researching Your Pittsburgh Ancestors

Author - Lisa Alzo
The Steel City. The City at the Point. The City of Champions. No matter the nickname, for more than 250... Read More

Family History Research in Georgia

Author - Stephanie Pitcher Fishman
Starting with its beginnings as a colony in 1733 through modern day, the state of Georgia has a very rich... Read More

Using Kentucky Marriage Records

Author - J. Mark Lowe
Marriage records are some of the oldest records in Kentucky. Fortunately for genealogists, the various records created because of a new marriage can be filled with information. Read More

Maine Genealogical Resources

Author - Jennifer M. Alford
When I first inherited my Great Aunt Beulah's genealogy research it was pretty disorganized and quite overwhelming. I knew little... Read More

Using Tennessee Marriage Records

Author - J. Mark Lowe
Finding marriage records in Tennessee is much like finding those records in other states, but it might be helpful to... Read More

Resources for Michigan Research

Author - Claudia Breland
Admittedly, I'm very biased because of my love for the state of Michigan (and my extensive ancestry there), but I... Read More

Immigrants, History, and the Second City: Resources for Chicago Genealogy

Author - Jennifer Holik
The Chicago metro area is home to many wonderful archives, libraries, museums, and other repositories of information for historians and genealogists. Read More

Beginning to Research Your Ancestors in Tennessee

Author - J. Mark Lowe
The land that became Tennessee was travelled by native populations and early explorers before becoming the sixteenth US state on... Read More

Beginning to Search for Kentucky Ancestors

Author - J. Mark Lowe
The commonwealth of Kentucky has some of the richest local, county and state public records of any state in the Union. We will look at some of the helpful records available to genealogists and discuss how to find them. Read More

Places to Discover Your Illinois Ancestors

Author - Jennifer Holik
The history of Illinois is varied. The French first controlled it in 1678; the English had it beginning in 1763.... Read More

Genealogy Resources in Texas

Author - Amy Coffin
Everything really is bigger in Texas, including the story of the state itself. Six different flags have flown over the... Read More

Essential Records for Finding Your Colonial Maryland Ancestors

Author - Michael Hait
When the Ark and the Dove carried the first settlers to the Maryland colony in 1634, it became one of... Read More

Ten Little Known Indiana Records

Author - Harold Henderson
It's easy to get into a genealogy rut, always checking the same sources whenever we have a new research... Read More

Finding Ohio Ancestors

Author - Sunny McClellan Morton
If your ancestors stopped in Ohio at some point in their westward wanderings, they certainly weren't alone. The future... Read More

Getting From Alabama To North Carolina Can Be Challenging, Satisfying, and Successful!

Author - Diane L. Richard
What if you only know "born North Carolina" from the Census? Is it possible to figure out where in North... Read More

Researching Your Pennsylvania Ancestors

Author - Lisa Alzo
With its central position in the original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania has long been known as the "Keystone State." I grew... Read More

North Carolina: No Longer The "Rip Van Winkle" State When It Comes To Online Genealogy Research

Author - Diane L. Richard
Early in its history, North Carolina was considered the "Rip Van Winkle" state. Now, after what has been a concerted... Read More

Fairbanks House Historic Site: Oldest Timber Frame House In The United States

Author - Lilly Cleveland
A dry wind moved the stiff heat of mid July as I climbed into my air conditioned car and took... Read More

The Tax Man Cometh...Never Overlook Tax Records In Virginia Or Elsewhere

Author - Michael Pollock
Other than CPAs, the overwhelming majority of individuals dread April 15 and like days (such as 1 May, the... Read More

Take Me Back To Olde Virginie: No Fee, On-Line Resources for Genealogical Research

Author - Michael Pollock
In my article on research in order books and chancery records, I specifically mentioned the on-line database of such records... Read More

Researching Your Appalachian Ancestors

Author - Sunny McClellan Morton
The first frontier of the young United States was Appalachia, a rugged region that didn't easily welcome settlers. Those who... Read More

They Went West: California Research

Author - Ruth Lang
California was and still is a destination for people seeking a better life. Thousands of gold seekers descended on the... Read More

Challenges Of The New England Border States

Author - Betty Malesky
The three northern-most New England states present more challenges to researchers than their sister states where settlement began and... Read More

Finding Those Elusive Ancestors In St. Lawrence County, New York

Author - Sarah More
If you have been doing genealogical research for awhile then you know there are several standard sources worth searching... Read More

Finding Your Massachusetts Ancestors: Genealogy Research From The 17th to 21st Centuries

Author - Diane Rapaport
No matter where you live, there's a good chance that you have Massachusetts roots. Maybe your ancestor crossed the... Read More

Researching Your New York Ancestors

Author - Thomas MacEntee
I grew up in New York and as a child I marveled at all the historic locations my family... Read More

Genealogical Resources For Indiana

Author - Harold Henderson
You can start your Indiana research from any place by working on line, but you can only finish it... Read More

Stake Your Claim In California Gold Rush Records

Author - Ruth Lang
The California Gold Rush was a pivotal time in American history. Soon after gold was discovered in January of 1848,... Read More

Steps For Genealogy Research In Any State

Author - Gena P. Ortega
It can be difficult to research an ancestor who lived in a state that you are not familiar with. Maybe... Read More

Take Me Back To Old New England

Author - Betty Malesky
Old New England, my favorite place for research, refers to the three colonies, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, settled... Read More

The Use of State Censuses in Genealogical Research

Author - John K. Maniha
Most people beginning genealogical research learn quickly how indispensable the federal census is for finding out about ancestors. It is, however, not as widely known that the several colonies, states and territories also conducted censuses of... Read More

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