Twitter and Today's Genealogist

Author - Stephanie Pitcher Fishman
Social media is an invaluable tool for reaching other genealogists, local historians, and even cousins. It's time to consider adding Twitter to your family history tool kit. Read More

Getting the Most from Message Groups and Mailing Lists

Author - Thomas MacEntee
The desire to connect with others who are also researching their genealogy and family history is not new. Before the... Read More

WolframAlpha: A New Tool for Genealogy

Author - Thomas MacEntee
I'm always on the lookout for new tools and websites that can assist me with my genealogy research. I want... Read More

Web Browser Extensions: Power Up Your Genealogy

Author - Thomas MacEntee
Alone, web browsers are powerful. However, you can install programs known as "browser extensions" to extend the functionality of the browser. Read More

Pinning Down Your Family History

Author - Thomas MacEntee
After many years of researching your own family history, one of the biggest challenges that remains is this: how can you share your findings with friends and family and in a way that they understand and appreciate? Read More

Evernote: Your Virtual Genealogy Assistant

Author - Thomas MacEntee
Evernote is a genealogy researcher's best friend and one of the best tools you can use to capture almost anything.... Read More

Two Tools to Analyze Your Genealogy Data: OneNote and Blogs

Author - Jennifer Holik
In a previous article I examined using spreadsheets and maps as a way to visualize your family's data to help... Read More

Is Your Genealogy Future Proofed?

Author - Thomas MacEntee
You've spent months or years researching your family history and you consider yourself a 21st century genealogist, what with your... Read More

Flying to the Past With Google Earth

Author - Nancy Hendrickson
If you've used Google Earth to view your house from satellite imagery, you're going to love flying to places your... Read More

On (Kindle) Fire for Genealogy

Author - Nancy Hendrickson
Amazon struck the first blow in the Battle of the e-Readers when it released its original Kindle back in 2007.... Read More

Finding Historical U.S. County Boundaries Using Google Earth

Author - Nancy Hendrickson
Thanks to satellite imagery and a bit of technological magic, flying to distant places is now possible with Google Earth,... Read More

Linkpendium: A Genealogy Gem!

Author - Diane L. Richard
Linkpendium is frequently the first website I visit when doing genealogy research, whether for a geographic locale I am familiar... Read More

Free Mobile Applications For Genealogists

Author - Heather Kramer
Handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets have made mobile applications (apps) popular tools to use for personal... Read More

Podcasts & Webinars & Blogs, Oh My! Continuing Education In The Digital Age

Author - Claudia Breland
Genealogists are by their very nature lifelong learners - the drive to discover more about our ancestors also drives our... Read More

The Do's & Don'ts of Internet Genealogy

Author - Nik Walker
The internet is a vital resource for anyone tracing their family history. It is full of valuable information available to... Read More

Online Family Trees: Blight or Blessing?

Author - Claudia Breland
The internet has changed many of the ways we find new information on our ancestors, and perhaps the most... Read More

Using The iPad For Genealogy And Writing

Author - Lisa Alzo
The iPad 2 is one hot item. For the longest time, Apple and other retail stores couldn't keep them in... Read More

Ancestral Archeology: Using Google Maps To Recreate Your Ancestor's Neighborhood

Author - Heather Kramer
When researching family history, genealogists go to great lengths to find newspaper articles, records, photographs, and other items to document... Read More

Following My Itinerant Minister Through Cyberspace

Author - Lilly Cleveland
When I began researching Seth Ewer, Baptist Minister, I was stumped. Nothing turned up in my favorite places using... Read More

5 Maps Sites Every Genealogist Should Know

Author - Gena P. Ortega
Are you using maps when you research your ancestors? Maps are an essential part of your genealogical research for... Read More

How To Attend A Genealogy Webinar

Author - Thomas MacEntee
Often what seems "all the rage" and "so easy for others" can be confusing and new-fangled for others. Here's... Read More

Google Books for Genealogy

Author - Thomas MacEntee
There have been many modern changes to the way in which we read books - just look at the popularity... Read More

Google Filtering Techniques For Family History Research

Author - Daniel M. Lynch
Google has proven to be an indispensable tool for family history enthusiasts worldwide, but there are several filtering techniques which... Read More

Your DNA Autobiography

Author - Colleen Fitzpatrick
Genealogists are familiar with the value of reference materials such as biographies and online databases. A will or probate record,... Read More

It's 10 PM - Do You Know Where Your Genealogy Data Is?

Author - Thomas MacEntee
After years of researching your family history with visits to local repositories, field trips to ancestral lands or far-flung cemeteries, and hours spent online tracking clues, can you quickly answer the following questions Read More

Blogging Your Family History

Author - Thomas MacEntee
You may have encountered a "blog" during your last search on Google or a genealogy colleague may have mentioned an article they read on a well-known family history blog. You keep hearing the term blog and wonder: "Am I missing out on a way to improve my research?" Read More

Using Social Media For Genealogy Research

Author - Katrina McQuarrie
Over the past few years, social media has received a lot of hype. But what is it, really? Why would you ever want to use social media? What kinds of Web 2.0 sites are there, and could they improve your genealogy? This article will answer all those questions. Read More

Advancing Your Genealogical Research Into The Digital Age

Author - James Tanner
Go to any genealogical library and you will see people hunched over piles of papers and books, writing in notebooks retrieved from huge wheeled briefcases. In the past you would have found me in the same category... Read More

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