Teaching Genealogy in the Classroom: Tips for Teachers

Author - Jennifer Holik
Genealogy helps give students roots, helps them understand where they came from, and understand their world today. Teaching genealogy in... Read More

3 Steps to Creating a Youth Genealogy Workshop

Author - Jennifer Holik
There are many ways to engage today's youth in genealogy. Providing a kids workshop through your society or library is an interactive way to introduce family history to children. Read More

Using Your Family History to Teach Mapping Skills to Kids

Author - Stephanie Pitcher Fishman
Our children live in a world of GPS navigation and instant access to maps on computers and cell phones. Traditional... Read More

Four Ways to Interest Kids in Family History Projects

Author - Stephanie Pitcher Fishman
As family historians, we want our stories (and research) to live beyond our own lives. In order to do that... Read More

Connecting Children With Their Past

Author - Jennifer Holik
Genealogy is an engaging hobby for adults. For many, growing older presents the "need" to know about family. The past... Read More

Keep Them Turning The Page: Creating Biographies Your Children Will Read

Author - Mike Henry
What is it about genealogy that makes people choke? I used to see it all the time - the shifting... Read More

Tots and Teens: Family History For Children

Author - Maureen A. Taylor
Genealogy is a hobby for the whole family. Gone are the days of it being an adults only pursuit. While there are no statistics on the number of kids involved in learning more... Read More

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