Genealogy Resources

Need help with your genealogy research? You've come to the right place! We have compiled articles full of genealogy resources to help you preserve your family history. If you are just beginning your research, you may wish to begin with our records section. In order to continue enhancing your research, try reading the research and trace your tree sections as they will provide you with tools and resources to make your family ancestry as complete as it can be!

DNA Testing

Tap into your roots with a DNA genealogy test—an easy way to get fascinating information about yourself and the family who came before you. A DNA test tells you about your ethnicity, tracing your genes to places all over the world where your ancestors once lived and identifying possible relations along the way. So while your family tree grows, so does your understanding of what makes you uniquely who you are.

Family History

Tracing back your genealogical roots is so much more than just writing down facts and dates about your ancestors — it's about learning the history and traditions. Find out more about the different things that make your genealogy unique — whether you unearth a prestigious crest, gain a better understanding of your family's surname, or even discover that you have a famous relative hiding in an unknown branch!

Family Tree Guide

Not sure how to begin building your family tree? It all begins with research. Learn how to research your ancestors and explore the various family history resources available to you either locally or online. Finally, learn how to construct your own family tree, starting with one of templates provided here, and share your findings with your whole family. And don't forget about your kids: teach them how to research their ancestors so they can carry on the tradition for future generations!

Free Genealogy Resources

Find resources that will help you fulfill the goals of your genealogical research, whether you are just beginning your family tree, or already a seasoned pro. Help with organization, presentation, storage, and research help in general can all be found via these articles. There are so many research resources out there that you have yet to explore!

Genealogy Records

Depending on who you are trying to find and where they lived, your genealogical searches will take place in a specific state or country. Here is a list of state family centers where you can conduct your research if you decide to go to the actual FHC.


Learn more about some of America's most prominent and notable historical events, such as the Civil War, the Great Depression, World War 1, and more. All of these events can be researched using Archives' extensive newspaper image collection.

Presidential Candidates

Learn more about the Presidential candidates in the running for the 2012 Presidential election, including their backgrounds, family histories, and fun facts.


Are you related to a US President? Learn more about America's presidents' genealogy on Archives. Search through our collection of over 1.2 billion birth, death, marriage, divorce records and more.

Trace Your Heritage

No matter what part of the world your ancestors are from, you can trace your tree as far back as possible if you have the right insight into your tree's complexities. In order to achieve this, you will need to learn about the historic context in which your ancestors lived. You may need to learn more about a particular heritage, religion, or time period in order to get past blockers, or "brick walls" that you may hit. You also may find new resources like DNA genealogy tests of particular interest in helping to knock down the walls you hit, uncover your missing ancestors, and trace back your family tree!

Vital Records

Learn about the different records that exist, where to find them, and how to best utilize them to find out more about your ancestry. These records will not only provide you with the facts that comprise the backbone of your family tree, such as birth, death, marriage and divorce dates, but they may even generate a lead that will allow you to discover a much more "juicy" past...

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