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The DNA genealogy test is an invaluable new resource that can help you grow your family tree and uncover exciting details about your background. You might just be curious about your ethnic roots, or you might have hit a wall researching your family genealogy — DNA testing can help with both! Taking a test is quick and simple, but the results are long lasting.

A DNA test provides you with details about your cultural heritage, which opens new doors in your genealogical research. Maybe you'll find out that you're of Native American, East Asian, Viking, or Persian descent. Perhaps you're more Irish than you always thought. Given the broad sampling of DNA from the world's regions, these ethnic predictions can reveal all sorts of information. Through an ethnicity test, you can trace the journeys of your ancestors and discover their birthplaces. Once you know more about your ethnic makeup, you'll never look at a globe the same again!

The information gathered through a genealogy DNA test helps match you with other people all over the world. Every person has unique DNA, so when similarities are located between two individuals, a possible link is identified. On average, people who take an AncestryDNA test end up finding twenty or more new fourth cousins. Maybe you'll even discover you've got a famous relation! Locating relatives through a DNA test not only helps build more branches of your family tree, but also makes it all the more personal. Connecting with people who share your genetic makeup is a bonding experience, and through them you can learn about even more people that belong in your family tree.

DNA testing not only expands your sense of family, but of yourself and the world.

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