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Acevedo Genealogy & History

Acevedo is a Spanish name. It was originally derived from the Old Spanish words azevedo and acebedo, which mean holly grove, which themselves are compounded from the words azevo (holly) and edo (plantation). It is a topographical name, first given to people who lived near a holly grove. Acevedo family history is first recorded in Galicia, a now autonomous region in the northwest corner of Spain, just north of Portugal. Acevedo genealogy in the Americas began with Hernando Acevedo, who arrived on the continent in 1528; there was also a Juan de Acevedo who went to Guatemala in 1538.

Acevedo Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Acevedo-- --, 2002January 7,2003CO
Bala Acevedo-- --, 1896May ,1978NY
Camelia Acevedo-- --, 1946September ,1984PR
Dagoverto Acevedo-- --, 1955January 31,2008TX

Acevedo Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edelmira Acevedo-- --, 1933September 24,1998Orlando,FL
Facunda Acevedo-- --, 1867June ,1971Brentwood,NY
Gabina Acevedo-- --, 1881April ,1969Aguadilla,PR
Hiram Acevedo-- --, 1943October 8,1993Bronx,NY

Acevedo Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dumar AcevedoWanda LocklearFebruary 19,2007Wake, NC
Ferdin AcevedoRody Sandoval Y SandovalMay 28,2005Wake, NC
Luis AcevedoAmy GreenAugust 20,1988Wake, NC
Yerald AcevedoYecenia MartinezNovember 1,2002Williamson, TX

Most Common Surnames After Acevedo

2456th: Hemphill2457th: Libby
2458th: Shockley2459th: Masterson
2460th: Clevenger2461st: Andrew
2462nd: East2463rd: Jack
2464th: Hills2465th: Coley

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