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Adamson Genealogy & History

Adamson is an English patronymic name meaning son of Adam, which comes from Hebrew and means red earth. Spelling variations include Adamsone and Addamson. Adamson family history is first recorded in the early 11th century, referencing their family seat in Berwickshire. The first Adamson to settle in the New World was Evan Adamson, landing in Maryland in 1663, followed by John Adamson in 1678. Some notable members of the Adamson genealogy include lyricist Harold Adamson; former astronaut James Craig Adamson; New Zealand film director Andrew Adamson; British rock musician Barry Adamson; art therapy pioneer and artist Edward Adamson; and naturalist, artist, and Born Free author Joy Adamson.

Adamson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Marie Adamson-- --, 1916May 4,1993NY
B Daniel Adamson-- --, 1916March 28,2007IL
Caiaphas Adamson-- --, 1925February 24,1996GA
Daisy Adamson-- --, 1897July ,1991SC

Adamson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E C Adamson-- --, 1910January 19,2002Grants Pass,OR
Fannie Adamson-- --, 1925November 22,1998Mayslick,KY
Garaldine Adamson-- --, 1923July 13,1996Belvidere,IL
H Ross Adamson-- --, 1920August 8,2003Palm Desert,CA

Adamson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David AdamsonElaina McentireJune 3,2000Brazoria, TX
Robert AdamsonOpal WilsonNovember 3,1945Wake, NC
Mark AdamsonVickie WaughOctober 18,1997Wake, NC
Jeremy AdamsonSarah HennesseeNovember 10,2000Wichita, TX

Most Common Surnames After Adamson

1808th: Sizemore1809th: Burr
1810th: Woody1811th: Chadwick
1812th: Whitlock1813th: Fair
1814th: Youngblood1815th: Skaggs
1816th: Goddard1817th: Reagan

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