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Adkins Genealogy & History

Adkins literally means "son of little Adam", as Adams Jr. is used in 21st-century America. While the name originated in the 1200s in England, it became popular in Scotland in the 1400s. Ad(e) is a diminutive form of Adam and the old English "kin" is a diminutive suffix meaning little. There are four different coats of arms in Adkins family history, and the family motto is "vincit cum legibus arma", meaning "he wins over violence with laws". Originally spelled Adekyn, spelling variations include Addykin, Aiken, Atkinson, Atkyn, among many others. The earliest American Adkins genealogy traces back to 1635 in Virginia.

Adkins Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Edward Adkins-- --, 1959October 16,1992GA
Bachman Adkins-- --, 1914April 21,1997LA
C Alice Adkins-- --, 1919November 9,2008MO
Dabner Adkins-- --, 1933February 11,1995VA

Adkins Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dale Adkins-- --, 1915June ,1982Salisbury,MD
Fairy Adkins-- --, 1894July ,1970Oklahoma City,OK
Gail Adkins-- --, 1931November 13,2007West Palm Beach,FL
H Murrell Adkins-- --, 1929December ,1986Salisbury,MD

Adkins Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy AdkinsDorothy BrownOctober 14,1965Wake, NC
Craig AdkinsCheryl MurrayFebruary 14,1987Wake, NC
Edwin AdkinsMary MitchellFebruary 6,1982Wake, NC
George AdkinsVivian EllingtonAugust 7,1955Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Adkins

416th: Meyers417th: Cobb
418th: Norman419th: Larsen
420th: Morton421st: Lamb
422nd: Shaffer423rd: Logan
424th: Drake425th: Yates

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