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Aguilar Genealogy & History

Aguilar is a medieval Spanish surname and is habitational, describing the place the family is from (the city of Aguilas near Cordoba, Spain). The name derives from the Latin "aguilaria", meaning "eagle's lair." In American Aguilar family history, the earliest immigrant was explorer Jeronimo de Aguilar, who lived among the Mayas in 1511-1519 before partnering with Cortes in the conquest of Mexico. The Aguilar coat of arms was granted in Spain, but the surname is also found throughout the Iberian peninsula, primarily Portugal. Aguilar genealogy traces back to the Mozarabic knight of Toledo, Spain, and includes the variations Aguilera, Aguiar and Aguiler.

Aguilar Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abel Aguilar-- --, 1922May 2,1971TX
Bacilio Aguilar-- --, 1905September ,1981TX
Caleb Aguilar-- --, 1938August 24,2001TX
Daisey Aguilar-- --, 1964June ,1980TX

Aguilar Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Aguilar-- --, 1898September ,1975Boring,OR
Fabian Aguilar-- --, 1913March 25,1988Oxnard,CA
Gabino Aguilar-- --, 1917September ,1979Port Arthur,TX
Harold Aguilar-- --, 1957February 15,1999Hanford,CA

Aguilar Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carlos AguilarNorma PizarroFebruary 8,1996Wake, NC
Eddie AguilarVeronica BradyDecember 9,2000Cameron, TX
Federico AguilarGonzalez AlvarezAugust 25,2000Webb, TX
Luis AguilarFany Hernandez AnaribaApril 4,2001Wake, NC

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796th: Duke797th: Sanford
798th: Cowan799th: Randolph
800th: Bird801st: Daugherty
802nd: Burch803rd: David

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