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Albrecht Genealogy & History

Albrecht is a German name from the given name Albrecht (or similar), a compound of the words aedel, meaning noble, and beorht, meaning bright or shining. Several German monarchs from the House of Habsburg had the first name Albrecht (Albert in English), which likely accounts in part for the name's popularity. Albrecht family history is first recorded with Cuonz Albrecht, who lived in Saulgau, Wirtermberg, in 1346. Albrecht genealogy includes alpine ski racer Daniel Albrecht, prize-winning conductor Gerd Albrecht, consumer advocate Katherine Albrecht, Canadian Conservative Member of Parliament Harold Albrecht, and Aldi supermarket founders Karl and Theo Albrecht.

Albrecht Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Albrecht-- --, 1899October 22,1991IN
Babette Albrecht-- --, 1916September 6,2004AZ
C Evelyn Albrecht-- --, 1919December 27,1998IL
Dagmar Albrecht-- --, 1904May 29,1989WI

Albrecht Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Roberta Albrecht-- --, 1917September 11,2009Cookeville,TN
Faith Albrecht-- --, 1930July 12,2007Piedmont,SD
G Fred Albrecht-- --, 1919November 29,2001Falls Church,VA
H Nelson Albrecht-- --, 1922October 26,2000Bushkill,PA

Albrecht Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam AlbrechtNicole AndersonJuly 14,2001Bexar, TX
Boyd AlbrechtCandy LoveNovember 29,2007Wake, NC
Corey AlbrechtRayla RobertsJuly 8,2000Denton, TX
Elmer AlbrechtGladys FairchildJune 9,2000Brazoria, TX

Most Common Surnames After Albrecht

1475th: Ogden1476th: Goode
1477th: Zimmer1478th: Busch
1479th: Pettit1480th: Schreiber
1481st: McCollum1482nd: Hurd
1483rd: Rudolph1484th: Duvall

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