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Aldrich Genealogy & History

Aldrich is an English surname dating to feudal times in Suffolk, Surrey, and Sussex. Its derivation is from the Old English personal names Aedelric (noble-ruler) or Aelfric (elf-ruler), both popular names in the Middle Ages. Alternatively, it referred to people from Aldrich villages in Buckingham, Staffordshire, or Worcestershire, whose names came from Old English ale-wic, meaning the farm in the alder trees. Ailric, Alderich, Aldridge, Alrich, Arlidge, Ealdric, Elderidge, Eldrich, Elrick, and Oldridge are alternate spellings. Aldrich family history includes a family crest with a red phoenix symbolizing resurrection and a coat of arms with a silver bull symbolizing valor. American Aldrich genealogy dates to 1636 in Massachusetts.

Aldrich Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Aldrich-- --, 1898January ,1976CA
Bailey Aldrich-- --, 1907September 25,2002MA
C Hubert Aldrich-- --, 1920December 17,1997NY
Daisy Aldrich-- --, 1894October ,1975NY

Aldrich Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Henry Aldrich-- --, 1923May 28,1993Terry,MT
F Niles Aldrich-- --, 1911July ,1986Westmoreland,NH
Gail Aldrich-- --, 1907August ,1975South Dayton,NY
H Edward Aldrich-- --, 1918July ,1982Wellsville,NY

Aldrich Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles AldrichVictoria MccloySeptember 28,2001Wise, TX
David AldrichLena DuhaimeApril 24,1969Wake, NC
Gilbert AldrichNancy LumleyApril 26,1991Wake, NC
Michael AldrichMichelle CobbMay 6,2006Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Aldrich

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1562nd: Roche1563rd: Aguirre
1564th: Michaels1565th: Langford
1566th: Dobson1567th: Bateman
1568th: Blue1569th: Colon

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