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Aldridge Genealogy & History

Aldridge is an English name with several possible origins. Most likely it was taken from the Old English given name Aedelric, which was derived from the Old English words adel (meaning noble) and ric (meaning ruler). It is also possible the name was locational, taken from a town named Aldridge or Aldridge Grove, which was probably derived from the Old English ale-wic, meaning farm among alder trees. In any case, Aldridge family history is first recorded with one Hugo Aelrici (an alternate spelling), who lived in Suffolk in 1095. Alridge genealogy includes James Aldridge, an Australian author who won multiple awards for his writing and journalism.

Aldridge Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Aldridge-- --, 1923January 24,1997KY
B David Aldridge-- --, 1924August 8,2005TN
C Foster Aldridge-- --, 1918April 4,2009NY
Daisy Aldridge-- --, 1900February ,1981NC

Aldridge Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Carlton Aldridge-- --, 1918October 23,1991Darlington,SC
Fahrney Aldridge-- --, 1902May ,1980Medina,OH
Gail Aldridge-- --, 1940April 28,2002Traverse City,MI
H Max Aldridge-- --, 1956October 1,1987Greensboro,NC

Aldridge Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allie AldridgeVeronica WallsNovember 23,1982Wake, NC
Barron AldridgeShelley EarpSeptember 8,2001Wake, NC
Christopher AldridgeTina SissonMay 12,2003Wake, NC
David AldridgeMary FanellySeptember 14,1996Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Aldridge

1394th: Thomason1395th: Sewell
1396th: Marcus1397th: Coyle
1398th: Vickers1399th: Bergeron
1400th: Houser1401st: Crowder
1402nd: Crockett1403rd: Coulter

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