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Alford Genealogy & History

Alford is the name of old villages in Lincolnshire and Somerset in England and Aberdeenshire in Scotland. The first recordings of the name are a 1086 Lincolnshire town, Alforde, and an 1184 Lincolnshire family, Aldeforde. The derivation is most likely ford by the alder trees, but fords by the (pagan) temple or the old woman (Ealdg) are also possibilities. Alford spelling variations include Aleford, Alforth, Allfred, Alsford, Alvord, Hallford, Holford, Olford. The Alford family history includes at least two coats of arms symbolizing peace: one with six gold pears and one with a silver cross moline. In America, Alford genealogy dates to 1624 in Virginia.

Alford Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Howell Alford-- --, 1925October 14,2005MN
Bailey Alford-- --, 2001December 14,2001AL
Cal Alford-- --, 1935January 19,2001AR
D Boyce Alford-- --, 1923February 27,2002AR

Alford Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lee Alford-- --, 1921September 1,2001Richmond,VA
Fairy Alford-- --, 1931September 1,2006Pensacola,FL
Gail Alford-- --, 1953August 15,1997Sacramento,CA
H Harold Alford-- --, 1929March 7,1995Longwood,FL

Alford Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alton AlfordRebecca LongAugust 29,1936Wake, NC
Beechman AlfordMartha BrownMarch 11,1939Wake, NC
Charles AlfordMary EvansDecember 25,1937Wake, NC
Daniel AlfordMattie MingiaOctober 15,1938Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Alford

1022nd: Denton1023rd: Godfrey
1024th: Pate1025th: Yang
1026th: Justice1027th: Pickett
1028th: Roman1029th: Shafer
1030th: Downey1031st: Gleason

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