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Alvarado Genealogy & History

Alvarado is a Spanish name that can be locational (Alvarado translates as the place on the hot plain) or patronymic (the baptismal name Alvaro means honest and faithful). It has the distinction of being the first Spanish surname recorded in America, with alternate spellings in Alvarado genealogy of Albarado and de Alvarado. An Alvarado coat of arms has three blue wavy lines indicating successful sea-farers. Indeed, many of the earliest explorers of the New World were named Alvarado: Alfonso (accompanied Pizarro to Peru), Pedro (second-in-command to Cortes in Mexico), and Luis (assumed command when DeSoto died). Another famous name-holder in Alvarado family history was Juan Alvarado, President of Peru.

Alvarado Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Alvarado-- --, 1961April ,1981CA
Babila Alvarado-- --, 1915February 24,2002CA
Calistro Alvarado-- --, 1912January ,1988NM
Dagoberto Alvarado-- --, 1933July 2,2007NY

Alvarado Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edean Alvarado-- --, 1938August 25,2006Bakersfield,CA
Facundo Alvarado-- --, 1891November ,1969Salinas,PR
Gabina Alvarado-- --, 1954October 18,2007Great Bend,KS
Hattie Alvarado-- --, 1898March ,1969Glendora,CA

Alvarado Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony AlvaradoEldona Stuart MedasJuly 16,1969Wake, NC
Carlos AlvaradoLeticia AcunaDecember 14,2000Harris, TX
Dicci AlvaradoMaria Ortega RamosOctober 27,2006Wake, NC
Eduardo AlvaradoNely ArmasNovember 21,2001Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Alvarado

1041st: Fish1042nd: Webber
1043rd: Abrams1044th: Rutherford
1045th: Simons1046th: Hilton
1047th: Rivers1048th: Wu
1049th: Wills1050th: Emery

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