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Amos Genealogy & History

Amos is an English name with two possible origins. First, it could be from the Normans, derived from the Old French personal name Ami(s), which means friend. That word itself was originally derived from the Latin word amicus, a derivative of amare, to love. Another possible source is the personal name Amos, from the Hebrew prophet of the same name (the word means borne by God). Amos family history is first recorded with one Robert Amis (an alternate spelling) who lived in Suffolk in 1221; early Amoses were also found in Northumberland. Amos genealogy in America begins with a Hugh Amos who came to Boston in 1666. The Amos family motto is fama candida rosa dulcior, which means fame is sweeter than the white rose.

Amos Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Amos-- --, 1910November ,1974CT
Barbara Amos-- --, 1946May 15,1991NC
Cynthia Amos-- --, 1966December 1,1995NY
Dabney Amos-- --, 1886October ,1970VA

Amos Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Doris Amos-- --, 1914August ,1995Baton Rouge,LA
F Louise Amos-- --, 1914January 9,2008Pulaski,PA
Gabah Amos-- --, 1932June 13,2009Dallas,TX
Hairom Amos-- --, 1919December 8,1995Albertville,AL

Amos Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Burl AmosVirginia HarkeyMarch 6,1977Wake, NC
Charles AmosElizabeth TrexlerNovember 7,1998Wake, NC
Dolphus AmosJean PerrySeptember 4,1954Wake, NC
Samuel AmosFlora HowardAugust 2,1942Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Amos

1490th: Farr1491st: Lanier
1492nd: Nowak1493rd: Laird
1494th: Bauman1495th: Thorpe
1496th: Abel1497th: Schwarz
1498th: Munson1499th: Tidwell

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