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Anderson is an Scottish patronymic surname, meaning son of Andrew, derived from the Greek name "Andreas", meaning manly. Andrew is the name of Jesus' first disciple as well as the patron saint of both Russia and Scotland. Anderson family history reputedly dates to ancient Dalriadan clans, and the ancient family seat (feudal manor) was in Strathspey. Anderson genealogy links to MacGhille Andreis, servant to the patron St. Andrew. Variations in name spellings include Andress, Andriss, Enderson, Kendrew, McAndrew. While the first emigrants to America were to New York in 1600, some Scandinavian emigrants may have Americanized their name to Anderson.

Anderson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Adele Anderson-- --, 1930May ,1990MA
B Don Anderson-- --, 1912April 26,1995OR
C Allen Anderson-- --, 1942December 31,1992NY
D Bob Anderson-- --, 1916January 15,1999TX

Anderson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Adene Anderson-- --, 1904October ,1980Watsonville,CA
F Ann Anderson-- --, 1923June 19,1990Muncie,IN
Gretchen Anderson-- --, 1966June 29,2010Apple Valley,CA
H Belle Anderson-- --, 1924February 9,2010Springfield,MO

Anderson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charlie AndersonMary HillJanuary 2,1942Wake, NC
Johnnie AndersonRhoda RogersOctober 8,1931Wake, NC
Lester AndersonMaggie YornSeptember 29,1932Wake, NC
Ray AndersonMargaret BrittAugust 3,1935Wake, NC

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11th: Moore12th: Martin
13th: Thompson14th: Thomas
15th: White16th: Clark
17th: Harris18th: Jackson

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