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Arnett can stem from Arnot in the parish of Portmoak in Kinross-shire, Scotland, descending from the Gaelic ornacht meaning barley; or it might come from Old French, from the Germanic personal name Arnald (and its varieties Arnold and Arnolt) meaning eagle-power. Arnett family history records the first instance of the name as John Arnoud in the Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire in 1279; David Arnott settled in Virginia in 1716. Spelling variations include Arnott, Arnot, Arnatt, Arnocht, Arnote, Arnett, Anetts, Arnette, Ernot, Ernott, Annett, and Annetts. Among Arnett genealogy members are found American entomologist Ross H. Arnett; Canadian actor Will Arnett; and American educator and bishop Benjamin W. Arnett.

Arnett Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Marie A.-- --, 1919February ,1995WV
Bama A.-- --, 1919May 1,2004AL
C Irene A.-- --, 1911July 20,2008IN
Daffodil A.-- --, 1887April ,1973MN

Arnett Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Wayne A.-- --, 1914December 18,1993Greenville,OH
Fae A.-- --, 1902January 8,1995Tacoma,WA
Gage A.-- --, 1896September ,1969Perryville,AR
Hal A.-- --, 1892April ,1974Albuquerque,NM

Arnett Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony A.Noahleen BettsAugust 5,1994Wake, NC
Christopher A.Brittany MerrittMay 17,2008Wake, NC
David A.Alice MansfieldDecember 14,1985Wake, NC
Gail A.Stephanie MillerFebruary 19,2000Collin, TX

Most Common Surnames After Arnett

1974th: Renner1975th: Bartholomew
1976th: Mercado1977th: Heck
1978th: Cervantes1979th: Velez
1980th: Bock1981st: Fine
1982nd: Wendt1983rd: Condon

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