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Ashby Genealogy & History

Like many names originating from Anglo-Saxon culture, the Ashby surname is topographical in nature. Ashby is derived from the Old English words aesc and by, meaning tree dwellers; thus early family members inhabited wooded areas. Ashby family history was first recorded in the 13th century, referencing their family seat. The first Ashby to settle in the New World was Alice Ashby, landing in New England in 1635. Ashby genealogy includes astronaut Jeffrey Ashby, Confederate Colonel Turner Ashby, English archeologist Thomas Ashby, film director Hal Ashby, baseball catcher Alan Ashby, jazz harpist and composer Dorothy Ashby, cybernetics pioneer and psychiatrist Ross Ashby, and actor and martial artist Linden Ashby.

Ashby Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Ashby-- --, 1909June ,1984IN
B Ruth Ashby-- --, 1922December 31,1987MO
Callie Ashby-- --, 1895August ,1977VA
D Roy Ashby-- --, 1912November 24,1991CA

Ashby Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E June Ashby-- --, 1917October 1,2003Phoenix,AZ
Fairy Ashby-- --, 1923October 13,1990Nashville,TN
Gail Ashby-- --, 1951May 9,2002Hartford,CT
H Ralph Ashby-- --, 1921July 6,1998Davenport,FL

Ashby Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andre AshbySophie MatthewsFebruary 11,2002Tarrant, TX
Brian AshbyNicole WaltersJune 17,2000Hays, TX
Douglas AshbyPamela AshbySeptember 20,1996Wake, NC
Edward AshbyWilma WorleySeptember 24,2000Grayson, TX

Most Common Surnames After Ashby

1807th: Adamson1808th: Sizemore
1809th: Burr1810th: Woody
1811th: Chadwick1812th: Whitlock
1813th: Fair1814th: Youngblood
1815th: Skaggs1816th: Goddard

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