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Atkins, equivalent to Adkins, literally means "son of little Adam", as Adams Jr. is used in 21st-century America. A patronymic name, "Ad(e)" is a diminutive form of the biblical name Adam, meaning "red earth", and Old English "kin" is a diminutive suffix meaning "little". The change from "d" to "t" was simply dialectic, and the ending "s" indicates patronymism. The Atkins family history originated in Westmoreland/Northumberland, where the Atkinses had a family seat. The family motto is "vincit cum legibus arma", meaning "he wins over violence with laws". The earliest American Atkins genealogy traces back to Barbados in the 1630s.

Atkins Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clay Atkins-- --, 1928December 11,2001VA
B Hugh Atkins-- --, 1917February 2,2006TN
C Clyde Atkins-- --, 1914March 11,1999FL
D Raymond Atkins-- --, 1929September 7,1991WV

Atkins Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Gary Atkins-- --, 1920March 2,1993Jacksonville,FL
F Eliska Atkins-- --, 1939November ,1978Tulsa,OK
Gabe Atkins-- --, 1893June ,1971Washburn,TN
H Jean Atkins-- --, 1921December ,1979Garland,TX

Atkins Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bruce AtkinsBlanche StewartJanuary 26,1942Wake, NC
Charles AtkinsHannah DiggsMay 24,1943Wake, NC
David AtkinsHelen TaylorAugust 26,1978Wake, NC
Edward AtkinsFannie StallingsJanuary 2,1931Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Atkins

584th: Nielsen585th: Keith
586th: Humphrey587th: Anthony
588th: Christian589th: Kaufman
590th: Stark591st: Melton
592nd: Kent593rd: Hodge

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