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Austin is an English locational name derived from the Latin Augustine and corrupted to Austin in medieval vernacular. Two famous ancient saints (Augustine of Hippo and the first Archbishop of Canterbury) led to the popularization of the name during the Crusades (1100s) with the religious order "Austin canons". Since all these Augustine/Austin religious orders are celibate, the name refers to those who lived nearby. The family motto "crux nostra corona" means the "cross is our crown". In English Austin family history, the family seat in ancient times was in Bedfordshire; in Scotland, Austin is a sept of the Keith clan. American Austin genealogy dates to 1625.


Austin Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Evelyn Austin-- --, 1913April ,1985PA
B Lorine Austin-- --, 1925December 9,1993OH
C Fay Austin-- --, 1918May 31,1989AR
D Joan Austin-- --, 1931November 3,1992KS

Austin Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Francis Austin-- --, 1932November 2,1993Palmyra,NY
F Lamar Austin-- --, 1922January 2,2009Chattanooga,TN
G Vernon Austin-- --, 1928April 15,1999Troupsburg,NY
H Daniel Austin-- --, 1912November 25,2004Clarks Summit,PA

Austin Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan AustinMadge DavisOctober 26,1936Wake, NC
Billy AustinBetty SpencerJuly 4,1959Wake, NC
Everett AustinAlvarado JeffreysJuly 10,1938Wake, NC
Frederick AustinElizabeth HowardNovember 15,1939Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Austin

221st: Keller222nd: Day
223rd: May224th: Walters
225th: Harvey226th: Lawson
227th: Fuller228th: Fowler
229th: Becker230th: Torres

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