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Avila Genealogy & History

The name Avila was first recorded in the Latin forms Avela and Abulia and is of unknown derivation and meaning. However, it is most likely a locational name derived from the province of Avila in Spain. Sometimes the variants de �vila or de Avila, D'�vila or D'Avila, D�vila or Davila occur. According to Avila family history, the original owner of the name would have lived in, owned property in, or have been born in this region. Notable individuals in Avila genealogy include Rudolph B. Davila, an American Medal of Honor recipient from World War II; and St. Teresa of Avila, a Roman Catholic saint.

Avila Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Avila-- --, 1931February 6,2009CA
Baldomero Avila-- --, 1908October 7,1996CA
Calixto Avila-- --, 1907May 7,2002FL
Dalinda Avila-- --, 1897September ,1979CA

Avila Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eckland Avila-- --, 1928November 13,2004Turlock,CA
Fabio Avila-- --, 1914January 21,1990Lajas,PR
Gabriel Avila-- --, 1912August 7,2002Ceiba,PR
Harry Avila-- --, 1917January 28,2001Fairhaven,MA

Avila Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel AvilaMa HerreraJuly 5,2000Wake, NC
Felipe AvilaJuana CossioOctober 9,2000Nueces, TX
Gabriel AvilaGuadalupe MarinFebruary 4,2000Elpaso, TX
Juan AvilaGuadalupe CarreonMarch 20,1992Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Avila

1353rd: Connors1354th: Ernst
1355th: Milligan1356th: Washburn
1357th: Colvin1358th: Billings
1359th: Barnard1360th: Burger
1361st: Weinstein1362nd: Boswell

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