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Ayres Genealogy & History

Ayres is a patronymic English surname from the nickname Ayre, used for the heir to a title or fortune, from the Middle English eyr and Old French heir, deriving in turn from the Latin heres. It may also be a patronymic form of the Middle English given name Aier, from the Old English Ealhhere. Ayres family history begins in 1273, when Henry Ayer was noted in the Hundred Rolls of Lincolnshire. Ayres genealogy includes Union General Romeyn Ayres and voice actor Greg Ayres.

Ayres Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Frank Ayres-- --, 1902August 20,1997CA
B Franklin Ayres-- --, 1921April 5,2003IN
Clara Ayres-- --, 1918July 30,2010SD
Daisy Ayres-- --, 1908October ,1973MN

Ayres Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Ayres-- --, 1910June 14,1989Cherry Hill,NJ
F Elwood Ayres-- --, 1911June 28,1990Shortsville,NY
Garl Ayres-- --, 1897April ,1984West Covina,CA
Hanes Ayres-- --, 1897October ,1971Nashville,TN

Ayres Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Nathan AyresCiomara MartinSeptember 22,2001MONTGOMERY, OH
Irwin AyresMarlynn LovettJanuary 1,1987Hansford, TX
Loren AyresSharon WhiteMay 3,2003Tarrant, TX
Randy AyresTara SmithJuly 6,2002Anderson, TX

Most Common Surnames After Ayres

2407th: Pepper2408th: Patten
2409th: Thrasher2410th: Wheatley
2411th: Killian2412th: Redman
2413th: Rangel2414th: Guinn
2415th: Samuel2416th: Blanco

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