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Babcock Genealogy & History

Origins of the family name in the Babcock family history are hazy. One proposal is that it comes from Bat(e), an intimate form of Bartholomew, plus cock, meaning a youth who strutted in that manner, which was thus attached as a pet-name suffix to many names such as Wilcox, Simcock and others. Additional variations include Badcock, Babbcock, Batcock, Badcocke, and many more. James Babcock arrived in Plymouth in 1623 and David Babcock in Massachusetts in 1640. Babcock genealogy records include Roscoe Lloyd Babcock, a prominent California artist, and Horace Babcock, the American astronomer who first proposed the idea of adaptive optics.

Babcock Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaliyah Babcock-- --, 1997January 7,1998IA
B June Babcock-- --, 1922December 28,2003CO
C Delores Babcock-- --, 1932June ,1981NE
Daibelou Babcock-- --, 1940August 25,2006FL

Babcock Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Josephin Babcock-- --, 1920December 9,2004Endicott,NY
Fae Babcock-- --, 1889October ,1974Fairbury,NE
Gail Babcock-- --, 1912December 27,2004Biggsville,IL
H Arnold Babcock-- --, 1921May 2,2008Hornell,NY

Babcock Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alford BabcockSue DaughtryOctober 19,1990Wake, NC
Brendan BabcockSharon TreybigSeptember 17,2000Collin, TX
Donald BabcockBarbara LuganiNovember 14,1970Wake, NC
Faren BabcockSodonna HowellOctober 4,2002Wheeler, TX

Most Common Surnames After Babcock

1232nd: Sheridan1233rd: Gore
1234th: Hollingsworth1235th: Purcell
1236th: Herron1237th: Walden
1238th: Guerra1239th: Stinson
1240th: Bowden1241st: Silverman

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