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Baca Genealogy & History

Baca is a Spanish and Portuguese occupational surname originally from the Old German baca, meaning farmer or shepherd. Many Hispanic names come from German, since the Iberian peninsula was occupied by the Visigoths for three hundred years in the first millennium before the Moors expelled them. Baca family history comes to the New World in 1536, when Hernando de Baca sailed to New Spain. Baca genealogy boasts of a few noteworthy people, such as New Mexico Governor Ezekiel Baca and General Edward Baca.

Baca Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abel Baca-- --, 1882November ,1976NM
Baltazar Baca-- --, 1908December ,1971NM
C Eva Baca-- --, 1926August 1,2002NM
Daisy Baca-- --, 1911December 31,1999NM

Baca Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Leo Baca-- --, 1914February 19,1989Belen,NM
Fabian Baca-- --, 1903October 3,1994Hobbs,NM
Gabe Baca-- --, 1915January 22,1998Phoenix,AZ
Harold Baca-- --, 1925November 22,1998Saint Louis,MO

Baca Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Floyd BacaLois CainMay 8,1966Bastrop, TX
Leonard BacaRoberta JohnsMarch 16,2002Harris, TX
Nicolas BacaLinda KnausNovember 12,2005Grimes, TX
Isidro BacaYvonne PadillaAugust 17,1973El Paso, TX

Most Common Surnames After Baca

2234th: Edmondson2235th: Main
2236th: Wing2237th: Parnell
2238th: Pruett2239th: Paulsen
2240th: Halverson2241st: D'Amico
2242nd: Boykin2243rd: Dykes

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