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Baer Genealogy & History

Baer is a variant of the surname Bahr from the German b�r, meaning bear, a nickname for some one of great strength or much courage. Here are some of the spelling variants: Barres, Berr, Berre, Bar, and Baerre. Baer family history shows that the Baers located in Lower Saxon. Some of the family migrated to America and Anna Bar settled in Carolina in 1739. Noteworthy Baer genealogy members are inventor of netball, Newcomb ball and author of the first rules of women's basketball Clara Gregory Baer; journalist and humorist Arthur (Bugs) Baer; and CIA officer and writer Robert Baer.

Baer Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Alvin Baer-- --, 1915May ,1982NY
Babette Baer-- --, 1891March ,1970MO
C Allen Baer-- --, 1919July ,1984MO
Daisy Baer-- --, 1907July 22,1992OH

Baer Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E La Vonne Baer-- --, 1924January 7,1990Saint Petersburg,FL
F Louise Baer-- --, 1915November 1,1995Rapid City,SD
Gail Baer-- --, 1946November 18,2005Mapleton,IL
H Russell Baer-- --, 1914February 8,1999Post Falls,ID

Baer Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Robert BaerEdith TeslerSeptember 22,1944Wake, NC
Jonathan BaerLaura ByersJuly 22,1994Wake, NC
Steven BaerLaura HopkinsNovember 9,2002Harris, TX
Henry BaerAnne SandersJune 16,1966Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Baer

1506th: McCormack1507th: Stanford
1508th: Hoff1509th: Brenner
1510th: Hanley1511th: Keating
1512th: Eckert1513th: Huggins
1514th: Story1515th: Ayala

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