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Bagley Genealogy & History

Bagley is an English surname originally bestowed on someone from a place called Bagley. It is derived from the Old English personal name bacga, meaning badger (or from bagga, a wild animal), and leah, meaning clearing, with several ancient Bagley towns dating to the tenth century in Berkshire, Somerset, Shropshire, and West Yorkshire, in addition to a family feudal estate at Baggiley in Cheshire. Spelling variations found in Bagley genealogy include Bageley, Baggaley, Baggiley, and Bagly. The Bagley coat of arms and crest contain three diamonds (lozenges) indicating noble birth. American Bagley family history dates to 1635 in Virginia with immigrant Philip Bagley and 1637 in Connecticut.

Bagley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Louise Bagley-- --, 1929May ,1991MN
Bama Bagley-- --, 1891January ,1979AL
Callie Bagley-- --, 1886January 15,1968GA
D Elsie Bagley-- --, 1931August 15,2010MA

Bagley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Barbara Bagley-- --, 1912January ,1980New Castle,PA
Faith Bagley-- --, 1928June 11,1999Palm Harbor,FL
G Harriet Bagley-- --, 1917August 24,2005Hillsboro,KS
H Leon Bagley-- --, 1920May ,1987Chesapeake,VA

Bagley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur BagleyRuth MoodyApril 7,1950Wake, NC
Brooks BagleyDeana BaldwinSeptember 20,2008Wake, NC
Clifton BagleyMartha JonesSeptember 2,1956Wake, NC
Erik BagleyJamie LewisMay 4,2002Ellis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Bagley

1788th: Wesley1789th: Faust
1790th: Stacy1791st: Comer
1792nd: Gale1793rd: Talbot
1794th: Hanks1795th: Waggoner
1796th: Cormier1797th: Moreland

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