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Barclay Genealogy & History

Barclay is a Scottish and English name. It is a locational name, first given to people who lived in a town called Berkeley, either in Gloucestershire or in Somerset. The place name in turn was originally derived from the Old English words be(o)rc, meaning birch, and leah, meaning woodland clearing. Barclay family history is first recorded with one Roger de Berchalai (an alternate spelling), who lived in Gloucestershire in 1086. Barclay genealogy includes the first Baronet of Pierston, Ayrshire, Sir Robert Barclay, and his successors as baronet up to Sir Robert Colraine Barclay today. The Barclay family motto is crux salutem confert, which means the cross brings salvation.

Barclay Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Bruce Barclay-- --, 1921August 28,2000VA
Babe Barclay-- --, 1908November 17,1993TX
C Freddie Barclay-- --, 1920May 21,1999IN
D Kesinger Barclay-- --, 1921March ,1986CA

Barclay Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alice Barclay-- --, 1913July 29,1995West Liberty,IA
Faith Barclay-- --, 1936January ,1976Ponte Vedra Beach,FL
Gabriella Barclay-- --, 1912June 12,1999Mobile,AL
H Ed Barclay-- --, 1888January ,1969Mount Pleasant,PA

Barclay Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Daniel BarclaySuellen EatonFebruary 20,1993Wake, NC
John BarclayNina HultonSeptember 26,1955Wake, NC
Norman BarclayJudith UnderwoodDecember 27,1963Wake, NC
William BarclayBarbara QuessenberryJune 24,1967Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Barclay

2451st: Epperson2452nd: Marlow
2453rd: Asher2454th: Lieberman
2455th: Acevedo2456th: Hemphill
2457th: Libby2458th: Shockley
2459th: Masterson2460th: Clevenger

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