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Barker can be either an English or French occupational surname, with different derivations for each. The English derivation from Old English "beorc" and Middle English "bark" (meaning "to tan") signifies tanners as well as barkers (stripping treebark for tanning). Alternatively, the French name derivation from Old French "berchier" translates to "a shepherd". Thus there are numerous spellings in Barker genealogy, including Barka, Barkes, Bercher, Le Barkere. The family motto of "fide sed cui vide" means "trust, but be careful whom". In England, the Barker family seat (feudal manor) in Cambridgeshire existed from ancient times; the earliest immigrant to America was in 1620.

Barker Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Edgar Barker-- --, 1922June 7,2002NC
B Devereux Barker-- --, 1912September 5,1989MA
C Bishop Barker-- --, 1919February 26,1999MS
Dabney Barker-- --, 1885March ,1984VA

Barker Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Allan Barker-- --, 1915March ,1986Salt Lake City,UT
F Melvin Barker-- --, 1912February ,1980Birmingham,AL
G Walter Barker-- --, 1916November 9,2005Fort Lauderdale,FL
H Clifford Barker-- --, 1922November 29,1999North Lewisburg,OH

Barker Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alpha BarkerArlene EdwardsJuly 22,1931Wake, NC
Bobby BarkerCarolyn MooreSeptember 18,1955Wake, NC
Chrstopher BarkerPearl HartlingOctober 22,1941Wake, NC
David BarkerElaine HillApril 27,1958Wake, NC

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273rd: Holt274th: Mann
275th: Caldwell276th: Warner

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