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Barlow is a locational Anglo-Saxon name, derived from Old English "beren-leag", meaning barley-clearing. Its variations "Bernlege" and "Berlai" date back to the 11thcentury. Alternatively, the derivation may be from "beren-hlaw", meaning "barley hill", and appeared as "Berlawe" in Lancashire in 1260, where the Barlow name is most commonly found (in Barlow Hale and Barlow Moor). Barlow family history claims descent from Sir Roger Barlow, a 13th-century knight. The coat of arms has a two-headed silver eagle on a black shield; the French family motto, "en foi prest", means "ready in faith". American Barlow genealogy began in Virginia by 1623.

Barlow Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A H Barlow-- --, 1923March 8,2006NY
Bailey Barlow-- --, 1908November ,1981TX
C Lynn Barlow-- --, 1917January 20,1994TN
D Elizabe Barlow-- --, 1916October 16,1999PA

Barlow Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Barlow-- --, 1932June 27,2007Jacksonville,NC
F John Barlow-- --, 1914June 5,2004Appleton,WI
Gael Barlow-- --, 1918August ,1977Donna,TX
H Clayton Barlow-- --, 1915May ,1984Lakewood,NJ

Barlow Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan BarlowDiane CallahanSeptember 15,1984Wake, NC
Bobby BarlowVirginia HallFebruary 1,1959Wake, NC
Charles BarlowDebra LucasSeptember 24,1977Wake, NC
Donald BarlowBessie MorrisJuly 12,1958Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Barlow

977th: Field978th: Guerrero
979th: Knowles980th: Terrell
981st: Schumacher982nd: McKenna
983rd: Kirkpatrick984th: Lund
985th: Holcomb986th: McAllister

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