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Barnett is an ancient locational Anglo-Saxon name, derived from Old English "baernet", meaning "land cleared by burning". However, an alternate derivation could be from the personal name "Bernhard", meaning "brave bear". It is particularly popular throughout Ireland but is also found in eastern Scotland and northwest England. English Barnett family history includes a family seat (feudal manor) in Lancashire since ancient times, with the first recording of the name found as "de la Bernet" in Sussex in 1200. Barnett emigration to America was concurrent with the Mayflower, with a Barnett in Virginia in 1620. Variations of the name include Baratt, Barnatt, Barnette, Burnet, and Burnett.

Barnett Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jean Barnett-- --, 1925May 27,2008OH
Babe Barnett-- --, 1913May 15,1998WV
C Frances Barnett-- --, 1922September 2,1997CA
Dagmar Barnett-- --, 1922September 25,2008IL

Barnett Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jean Barnett-- --, 1924October 30,1993Malott,WA
Fadjo Barnett-- --, 1940May ,1981Van Buren,AR
G Betty Barnett-- --, 1926March 27,2010Coshocton,OH
H Dewitt Barnett-- --, 1917February 16,2009Greensboro,NC

Barnett Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew BarnettSuzanne AustinNovember 17,1984Wake, NC
Charles BarnettLenora McneilJune 7,1958Wake, NC
Earl BarnettMaureen WeyantSeptember 12,1997Wake, NC
Frank BarnettCatherine McmillanAugust 24,1944Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Barnett

259th: Zimmerman260th: Wolfe
261st: Bates262nd: Washington
263rd: Swanson264th: Stanley
265th: Benson266th: Barker
267th: Fleming268th: Fields

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