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Baron Genealogy & History

Baron is a status name derived from the pre-ninth-century Old French barun, meaning a public official responsible for a given area, in this case a barony. It was introduced into Britain during the Norman Invasion of 1066. Some of the name's different spellings are Birin, Burren, Birrane, and Barrone. Baron family history tells us the first known recording of the name is Lefuine Barun, in the register of the abbey of Bury Street Edmunds, Suffolk, England, in 1095. Some members of the Baron genealogy include Baron Capital Group founder Ronald S. Baron; trial lawyer Fredrick Baron; and activist and Accuracy in Media President Murray Baron.

Baron Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Baron-- --, 1897February ,1985CO
Barbara Baron-- --, 1938July 9,2007MA
Calvin Baron-- --, 1904November ,1983FL
Daisy Baron-- --, 1912November 20,1999MA

Baron Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Baron-- --, 1900April ,1986Indianapolis,IN
Fabiola Baron-- --, 1899September ,1984Johnston,RI
Gabriel Baron-- --, 1916May ,1977Lindenhurst,NY
Hal Baron-- --, 1920December 15,1998Van Nuys,CA

Baron Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Cody BaronLynette MarwegApril 20,2000Travis, TX
Tomas BaronCynthia TullarApril 30,1994Wake, NC
Scott BaronAmanda MyersAugust 31,2007Wake, NC
Robert BaronTeri KronickApril 2,2000Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Baron

1685th: Dowling1686th: Colbert
1687th: Keene1688th: Cutler
1689th: Culver1690th: Lind
1691st: Sylvester1692nd: Gauthier
1693rd: Souza1694th: Arrington

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