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Barone is an Italian name of status, derived from the Old French personal name Baro or the title barun, meaning official, both based on the word bara, meaning free man. When spelled as Baron, it is generally an English/French name and a Gaelic form of Barun. First found in Devonshire, where the family possessed the feudal manor of Plymouth, Barone family history also includes lands in Waterford granted by the Earl of Pembroke. The Barone motto, fortuna juval audaces, translates to fortune favors the brave, and one coat of arms contains three black hearts signifying constancy and sincerity. American Barone genealogy dates to 1766 in Pennsylvania.

Barone Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Achille Barone-- --, 1906December ,1981NY
Bambino Barone-- --, 1894August ,1967NY
C Nicholas Barone-- --, 1926March 12,2006NY
D Carl Barone-- --, 1919February 1,1990PA

Barone Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Edgar Barone-- --, 1951December 25,2001Bronx,NY
Fabian Barone-- --, 1915September 29,2003Heyworth,IL
Gabriel Barone-- --, 1922December ,1982Warwick,RI
H Virgil Barone-- --, 1923April ,1996Columbus,OH

Barone Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert BaroneAngela HeckermanJanuary 16,2004Harris, TX
Christopher BaroneAmanda ManningFebruary 14,2003Harris, TX
Enrico BaroneCarmela SantamariaFebruary 14,2003Parker, TX
Johnny BaroneJanice BerryJune 6,1999Wichita, TX

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