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Barrow Genealogy & History

Barrow is an English surname with several different origins. First, it might be a topographical name for someone living by a hill, from the Old English beorg, meaning a hill or barrow. It could also be locational, from numerous villages named Barrow in many parts of England, named from the Old English bearo or bearu, meaning grove or wood, which itself leads to a topographical surname as well. Barrow family history begins in 1192, when Adam de Barewe was noted in the Pipe Rolls of Lincolnshire. Barrow genealogy includes Georgia Senator Middleton Barrow, Marine General Robert Barrow, and heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis (Barrow).

Barrow Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Raymond Barrow-- --, 1911July 24,2007MA
Bama Barrow-- --, 1904June ,1987TX
Calais Barrow-- --, 1917November 28,2001NC
D Kent Barrow-- --, 1936June 30,1988TX

Barrow Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Barrow-- --, 1892July ,1967Alden,NY
Fae Barrow-- --, 1897October ,1986Rockaway Park,NY
Gale Barrow-- --, 1958January 15,1998Scotland,CT
H Hollis Barrow-- --, 1912January ,1983Fort Lauderdale,FL

Barrow Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles BarrowRose EdelenFebruary 8,1964Wake, NC
Jessie BarrowElsie GuptonApril 13,1941Wake, NC
Lee BarrowSarah SuggJune 30,1941Wake, NC
Plummer BarrowLela WalkerDecember 22,1957Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Barrow

1931st: Hutson1932nd: Rowell
1933rd: Borden1934th: Leone
1935th: Hope1936th: Rodriquez
1937th: Holm1938th: Wagoner
1939th: Grubbs1940th: Conn

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